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Sci fi setting: Are smaller and faster bullets automatically better?

I’m building a world where two civilizations are meeting, and both have fairly different design philosophies with weapons and armor, and the easiest way to sum it up is think Mass Effect without the ...
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How do I change this guy's ability so he isn't so powerful?

Currently writing a fanfiction called Challenger, a spinoff of Uru-chan's unOrdinary. A sort of a fan parallel dimension, if you will. Grey (inspired off of John Doe) is a 17-year-old highschool ...
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What are the effects of bullets on a superhuman who keeps getting stronger?

In a story I’m writing, there’s a superhero who uses a magic spell to increase the strength of her body. This means that her body becomes more durable as well. As she increases her capacity to output ...
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Ideas for a believable power scaling system [closed]

Problem: I need a way to make believable certain characters becoming much stronger than normally humanly possible, in a way which most people could not replicate. Elaboration: I’m worldbuilding for a ...
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What kind of education would telekinetic children get in a modern country?

In this case I'm assuming a low level telekinetics that can do anything they can see. People with Telekinetic skills are not discriminated against too much but they make up a small portion of the ...
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How powerful could a person with superpowers/group of superhumans be without greatly affecting world history?

One of the major problems I've always had with the MCU and the DC universe is how powerful many of the beings or people are whilst the World is still almost the same as ours. It was as if the writers ...
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Most Powerful Being On Earth

Okay, with my power system, I want to have these ranks: F Rank: Average power level of species C Rank: Most powerful member of species B Rank: Most powerful living being native to a planet A Rank: ...
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Creating A Power Scaling System

Okay, I want to create a power scaling system that can look at the characters of my story, and compare them to each other, as well as that of a regular human. I want it to be complex, but simple ...
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