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5km Portal above a Hot and Cold Climates, What happens to the weather of the area?

I'm writing a story where approximately ever 5 - 7 years, A 5km in radius portal opens up above 2 major metropolitan areas of the world. the height is about 750m - 1km up This portal follows the rules ...
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What type of security measure/contingent conditions could make jumping into a portal impossible inside a laboratory?

I am writing a spy-adjacent story where one of the characters is able to open and close portals that teleport them to a set number of known locations. There is a moment in which this character tries ...
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Have I missed any obvious applications of my portal superpower?

One of the superpowers in my world is the ability to mentally manipulate portals. These portals are incorporeal, massless, 2-dimensional circles that connect points in space (akin to portals from the ...
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Setting Up a Snow Elf Portal Network, Part 1: The Framework

My urban fantasy setting, in which mythical creatures live in secret amongst the human race in the late 90s USA, has a species known as snow elves (my setting's take on Christmas elves) who are ...
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Weaponizing the return-energy channel of a one-way portal

In my world, portals are magical devices that, when activated by some command, create a connection to a linked portal device. Portals allow objects to pass from the source (the portal device that was ...
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What does a 5km/s wind coming through a portal look like?

If your anchored-to-a-gateway-at-one-end-but-other-end-free-floating wormhole technology has the handwaved ability to match orientation and velocity to the surface of a distant planet, it also has the ...
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How rapidly would air be drawn into space?

Whenever it is swung, the "sword of the abyss" cuts open a 1 ft diameter portal to outer space. The portal will close by itself after two seconds. The portal shrieks as air rushes into it. ...
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How to monetize soap bubble portals that travel across dimensions and bring various creatures and objects from different times/places in one planet [closed]

In my project there's a species of creatures capable of bending reality, using very advanced technology they achieved the power to travel through dimensions using portals. The portals work like soap ...
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Science and Physics of Portals

So I have a character who uses various portals to store and deploy his weaponry and tools. These portals are 2 dimensional portals like those of the game Portal. I have had little trouble with this ...
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If you Open a 1-m Radius Portal Between Earth and Deep-Space, Will Equilibrium Be Reached?

After I looked through this question, I had one of my own. I can think of no real reason why a portal does not also allow the gravitational field through. So we suppose that the portal does, in fact, ...
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If you open a 1ft-diameter portal between Earth and space, how fast will the air rush through?

Suppose you open a portal between Earth and space with a diameter of 1 ft. The portal is an opening in space that immediately connects both sides, i.e., it’s like a Portal portal. How strong would the ...
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Why do military only use consumable portal scrolls to rather than reusable ones? [closed]

There are 2 kinds of portal scrolls which are equally reliable and can handle similar traffic regardless of distance, the consumable or one time use only and the reusable or can be used more than 2 ...
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Why do portals only work in one direction?

A common feature in Scientifiction and Fantasy works are portals, doors / holes / oversized spinning stone rings which allow characters to get from point A to point B instantly (or after 3.2 seconds). ...
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