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For questions about the civil forces responsible for enforcing the law. This tag is useful when asking how law enforcement practices would depart from reality in a set of given circumstances.

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Why do the police forces in my world use antiquated weaponry?

Here's a little background: My science-fantasy world has been devastated by monster attacks coming from various enormous pits inside the planet. The first led to a total collapse of civilization and ...
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What would be a suitable name for a police force in a medieval fantasy setting? [closed]

The word 'Police' doesn't go much with a fantasy setting. In my opinion, names like '[Insert Country Name] Guards', Gendarme, Constabulary and Marechaussee would he more suitable. What is your opinion?...
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Flashbang grenade that leaves a (radioactive) trace on people?

In a future police state, I need a way for investigators to determine who was present at a protest that turns violent. My idea is that police use flashbang grenades to disperse the crowd that leave a ...
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What are the Legal Responsibilities of a Police Officer with this Runaway Child?

So per this question- a month before the Police Officer meets the Runaway Child 'magic' suddenly appears in a 90s era Earth. Roughly 1 in 10,000 people start demonstrably using 'magic' and they can be ...
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Is it Possible to Manage a Police State Prior to the Invention of Widespread and Reliable Communication Technology?

By “Police State” I mean a despotic sort of government in which the state is actively trying to spy on its citizens for political ends. Something like the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) or ...
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how do traffic move when there's roadblock by police [closed]

Imagine there is a gun shooting incident so police will obviously control traffic but then how do people react when road is blocked? do they wait on block to know what is happening or do they just go ...
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How might a cultist disguise a body mutilated by a monster? [closed]

The main story would deal with a strange suicide in a town such as San Francisco in the 30s. The latest case deals with the disappearance of a mother and her child. Each time the bodies are severely ...
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A SWAT van with Raptors attacking it? [closed]

I want to know if a SWAT Lenco BearCat van that got teleported to a different world where a group of a few dozen raptors starts attacking the van. Would the van be able to survive about eight hours ...
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Could 1970s police cars be usable in the modern era?

I'm writing a story set in the mid-2000s USA where a small police agency, for some reason, uses police vehicles from the early 1970s to the early '80s. They have the mechanics, the money, and the ...
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How realistic is it to have building blueprints?

In fictional media that revolves around police, SWAT, or agents from some three-letter-agency, it's common that before they go somewhere, they have their tech-genius go though some database and ...
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How would Police (and the government) respond to a time traveler? [closed]

Say a house is suddenly thrust backward in time (In this specific case, the house ends up in 1985, but the question can be answered more broadly than that) along with everything inside it, and the ...
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How can space cop arrest the suspicious spacecraft moving at sub-luminal velocity?

Set in a distant future, reports of alien and drug traffickings have been on the rise and there was mounting pressure for Mr User6760, president of intergalactic interpol to resign. The traffickers ...
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How would criminals escape detection in a society with ubiquitous surveillance?

Consider a heavily urbanized society with modern or near future technology with hybrid visual/infrared security cameras in all public areas and most stores, restaurants, office buildings, etc. These ...
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Citywide Abandonment of Law Enforcement at World's End?

Building out a place less than 100 years in the future where the world is finally in agreement that it's coming to an end, in about 10 years or less. The air is trash, high government people are in ...
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How will law be enforced if violence becomes impossible?

Yesterday, the alien wizard Handwavius flew by our planet. He saw how violent we were and decided to put a stop to it. He cast a spell on all humans to make us stop us being violent, then flew away ...
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Practical reasons to have both a large police force and bounty hunting network?

The Hegemony is a global government governing Earth and her colonies. As a global government the Hegemony has a rather large police force (the Hegemony has merged the military and police within the ...
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What methods would a detective use to solve the murder...of a robot? [closed]

In what ways would it be different from solving a human murder case? And what circumstances would make killing robots a serious offense, even if they don't have rights and are still referred to as ...
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Could organised crime gangs have ever usurped government in the United States of America?

The place: The United States of America. The time: Whenever organised crime bosses think that they could have a chance of succeeding, between the English recognition of the US as an independent ...
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On a world of sapient anthropoid felines, can fur pattern be used for recognition?

On a world populated by sentient anthropoid species evolved from Terran felines, both big and small cats, could the local authorities use the fur patterns and colors the same way that we used ...
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What would be the pros and cons of a merged military and police?

What would be the pros and cons of a merged military and police? In the world I am building war is an ongoing issue, and so the culture's military is quite extensive. Also the majority of people carry ...
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Who watches the watchmen?

Background I have a highly industrialized country that is rapidly economically growing, all the while expanding its territory (think along the lines of the USA's territorial expansion between 1820 - ...
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Everyone can heal very quickly. How does this impact forensics and criminal investigations?

So the central conceit of my story is that everyone has various superhuman powers in modern day America, and one of the powers that everyone has is a superhuman healing factor. Anything we'd classify ...
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How to have good public opinion of police in a dystopian dictatorship with low or no crime?

I have a fairly dystopian dictatorship with a police state. There are two ideologies amongst the population. The first - the more mainstream - in general support the rulers and the police and the ...
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How would a city police department handle a super-hero joining as an officer?

Inspired by some of the comments on How to safely capture someone when you have super-strength I am wondering how police departments would handle a super-hero entering the police academy and joining ...
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