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For questions about geographical region around rotational pole of the Earth.

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What would it take for the Bering Strait to freeze (and form a land bridge)?

What would it take for the Bering Strait to freeze (and form a land bridge)? With the strait being composed of salt water, it would take a longer time at colder temperatures for ice to form. Still, ...
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What sort of nuclear-based transportation would be best suited to cheaply transporting large amount of cargo if radiation weren't a concern?

In this scenario people are in a constant war on an infinite flat world with the geography of Antarctica's interior (but with no liquid water or hydrocarbons). Notably this world has an abundance of ...
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What would happen to the climate if the poles reached equatorial temperatures every summer (but sub-zero temperatures in winter)

I'm not asking about mercury level differences; the planet isn't melting daily and freezing nightly, but I've been thinking about this sort of thing for a specific planet I'm working on, one with an ...
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How can a cold blooded animal survive in an arctic environment?

I have found numerous questions on how cold blooded humanoids or at least an intelligent species could survive the cold on this site, but this is not the question I am asking. I want to know ...
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Could robots live in Antarctica?

In my world, intelligent androids get invented. These robots have an appearance, mental attributes, and physical attributes very similar to humans. However, they are still ultimately robots. That ...
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Adding continental landmass at Arctic/Reduce Antarctica size - What would happen?

So, I am developing a fictitious world that is very similar to our earth. Generally, most of the continents stay the same way they are (Maybe North America is split in two smaller continents), with ...
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Can we accelerate Antarctica's post-glacial rebound?

I am curious if it could be technologically feasible to accelerate Antarctica's rebounding after a partial deglaciation of say 85% of its landmass. I meant rebounding its land made naked after ...
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How could I design storms in an arctic setting that would logically become more severe as a result of a changing climate?

Part of my story is set on an arctic planet (think something along the lines of Hoth or just some planet deep in an ice age) where a research team is sent by a major intergalactic corporation. I want ...
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Plausibility check : a planet with tropical poles

is this planet plausible? the planet is the third planet from its star. by size smaller than Earth. the planet has no moons. the only habitable areas are rings around the poles. in the pole, there's ...
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Where would the first large Antarctic colony be?

With the world average temperature rising, and polar ice decreasing, it has been speculated that in the 2100s people may start to colonize Antarctica. Where in Antarctica would people likely colonize ...
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How would arctic travelers, in a medieval setting, keep water from freezing?

The setting is extremely cold all the time, and traveling around takes days. How would travelers bring water rations with them and keep it from freezing? There are almost no un-frozen bodies of water ...
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Will water planets have ice caps?

Considering both full water worlds mostly out of water and ice, and rocky planets that just have a bit too much of it - would polar caps form on them if the conditions are roughly similar to modern ...
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arctic and antarctic tectonic activity effect?

My question is Imagine an arctic or antarctic region and here have tectonic plates collide or diverge, or slide on each other , so to have some sort of activity ... First question is it possible for ...
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What would a medieval village in an arctic area look like?

The setting is a fictitious continent set in a medieval world (1200-1400 A.D.). It resembles the shape and size of Greenland. The land is covered with glaciers, ruled by months of darkness in the ...
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Temperature and oxygen levels 1 mile below Antarctica's surface [closed]

If people were able to travel to a cave 1 mile below the surface in Antarctica, how long would it take before they suffocated (both if there was a hole at the surface and if that hole were to become ...
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Settling Antarctica

For certain reasons, a large coalition of wealthy nations sees it as necessary to colonize a small part of a continent about the size of Antarctica which is centered around the North Pole. With a ...
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Could Volcanism Provide a Large “Heat Oasis” in a Polar Desert?

So there is an Antarctic like continent in my setting; and just like Antarctica it is the largest and most inhospitable desert in the planet due to how absolutely cold it is. But what if there was a ...
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How could Antarctica become its own independent country?

In the "Legend" trilogy and its sequel "Rebel", author Marie Lu envisioned a far future where Antarctica is a superpower decades after the United States splintered into two separate countries. The ...
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Penguins in the Not-Arctic, how would this affect the poor seals

In a not so different fantasy world, whose physics and thus are similar to our own how would including penguins affect the look and function of a typical arctic ecosystem. For the purposes of this ...
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Ocean currents near the poles

I'm trying to create a earth-like world, with different land masses. I want to make a realistic climate scheme and determining ocean currents is a part of this. I've done some research on ocean ...
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Desert poles but arctic equators; trying to find out if specific way is possible

I'm trying to create a planet with a hot desert north and south pole but a cold equator. Is this possible? and if so how? And if it's heavily related to space how would night and day work on this ...
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Rotating a map projection - software question

Not a duplicate of What software is available for map creation? as the focus is on how, not what -- requesting useful projections for a polar context, and techniques to transform between projections ...
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Ice Caps around the equator of a planet? [duplicate]

Is it possible for the cold, usually polar region to be around a planet's equator — like a belt rather than on far north and south? If so, what would be the circumstances of an Earth-like planet ...
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Sea of Fire in Polar Regions

Would it be possible to have a cold and remote polar region if the oceans are made of fire? By that, I mean that in the place of water, there exists lava.
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Polar cannibalism menu choice: fit or fat?

I have a community in a freezing polar region who occasionally resort to cannibalism to survive. This only occurs when all other food reserves are exhausted due to story based logic. Each year/few ...
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Cardinal direction names at a north polar moon base?

There's a human settlement at the north pole of the moon large enough to sustain expansion outwards for say 100 km in all directions. Humans like to think in terms of four principal cardinal ...
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Antarctic Climate on Greenhouse Earth

Scenario: Say we have a massive release of greenhouse gases into Earth's atmosphere, however much for the ocean around Antarctica to get just warm enough for hurricanes to form during the summer (28.5 ...
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Is it possible to have hot desert polar regions and an icy equator?

I'm embarking on a fantasy book so I guess in essence you can write about anything but I do want an element of plausibility. Could you have hot desert caps on a planet and an icy/winter equator?
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Can there be a planet for which orbit and precession take the same time?

Is there a necessary relation between orbital period and the time of precession? In the case of Earth, the orbital period is one year, while a complete precession cycle takes thousands of years. Is a ...
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Could nuclear fallout melt the ice caps and cause an accelerated sea level rise?

I'm writing a story where a total nuclear WWIII occurs in the early 21st century. in a matter of minutes all of the world's nuclear powers unleashed their entire arsenals on each other in an event ...
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South Polar Bears

The Arctic ice cap is melting away soon. Some (probably misguided) ecoactivists think it would be a good idea to safeguard certain indigenous species of the North Polar region (especially mammals) by ...
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Can a situation exist where there is one pole that is hot and another cold on a planet?

I am trying to design a world where one pole is very cold, and the other is very hot. I don't mean that there would be instant death in either, but it is colder than our South Pole on one end and ...
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Reconciling Polar Calendars

This is a calendar question, for the Fortnightly Topic. Background On planet Polarworld, a future alternate Earth, the ambient temperatures are so intense that the only habitable areas are at the ...
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Hamada this place! Plausibility of hamada desert features in a polar region

Definitions Hamada: A type of desert landscape consisting of high, largely barren, hard rocky plateaus, with very little sand because this has been removed by deflation. -- From Wikipedia ...
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What Effect Does Moving the Magnetic Poles of a Planet Have?

On Earth the planet's magnetic poles line up fairly well with the geographic poles. This makes things like navigation very straightforward as all compasses point to (roughly) the north pole. However ...
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