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Questions tagged [plasma]

For questions related to the state of superheated matter.

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2 votes
3 answers

Can I shoot a synthetic solar plasma out of a rail gun?

First, I'm assuming without asking that I can generate a blob of charged particles like the Sun's solar flares plasma. My thought was more directly related to HOW to shoot it? Isn't the real thing ...
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What noise would a nuclear gas turbine make? [closed]

At the core of the powerpacks of the upcoming generation of powered exoskeletons are dusty plasma fission fragment reactors, in which nanoparticles of nuclear fuel inside a vacuum undergo a fission ...
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How close can I get to a nuclear explosion with extreme shielding?

Imagine you are in empty space, and a 15 megaton nuclear bomb is very close to you (D=200 meters), but what's also very close to you is a giant (Tungsten?) cylinder (2? meters in diameter, 100? meters ...
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Electric Arc Discharge Plasma and other forms of Plasma tech as a weapon

I'm making a weapon for my character which looks like a sword or is used as such but is segmented to give it whip like flexibility (restricted movement for safety) when needed. Each segment has metal ...
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3 answers

How would an element behave that's a plasma at room temperature?

I'm considering a world where there's an element that has an element that's naturally a plasma. I'm wondering what the broad behavior of such an element would be. Would it be inherently unstable, ...
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How would a "plasma torus", generated from Phobos to create a magnetosphere, look from the surface of Mars? How would it work?

One theory for how to create a magnetosphere around Mars is to generate a plasma torus by "evaporating matter from Phobos or Deimos, ionizing it and using electromagnetic current drive techniques ...
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1 answer

What atmosphere composition would make my weapon shoot orange plasma?

I am planning on painting a Warhammer 40k army that uses orange plasma for their energy based weapons, and use that exact same orange plasma for my worldbuilding, and other unrelated works of writing. ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Plasma windows as justification for Free Electron Lasers?

There are two main types of military lasers: Free Electron Lasers (FEL lasers from now on) and Medium Lasers. FEL lasers work by "wiggling" electrons through a line of magnets to create ...
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What kind of effect would a tank shell that create plasma on impact have on armour? [closed]

What kind of effect would a tank shell that create plasma on impact have on armour? These projectiles are made up of 3 main parts, a gas canister holding the gas, a capacitor that is used to heat the ...
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Viability of Plasma Weaponry for Handheld Purpose in SciFi

I'm writing a short story and I'm intending to have one of the characters utilizing a plasma weapon as infantry. The way I'm planning on explaining it is the plasma is kept in a slightly unstable ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Is my Plasma Gun concept realistic? And if not what can I do to make it more feasible?

I'm a university student so I have a relatively limited knowledge of such physics concepts, however I have researched fusion reactors and ion engines, both theories I incorporated into my design. ...
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2 votes
2 answers

What would a cold plasma based force field feel like to the touch?

As a plasma-based force field would simply feel really really hot and consuming end up burning anybody who touched it, a cold plasma-based force field would seem to be more in order. For convenience, ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Venting Fusion reactor plasma to create a plasma shield?

Assuming that humanity can build as large as a fusion reactor needed to sustain fusion for as long as needed, would it even be half feasible to vent out the spare plasma (kind of like how a feasible ...
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2 votes
3 answers

constructs of sentient plasma life in a brown dwarf

If plasma life did evolve in a brown dwarf and it did somehow become sentient, what kinds of things could they construct? Would they be limited to just pruning the bigger autotrophs or could they ...
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What could plasma life look like?

Let's say there was plasma life living in a brown dwarf. What shapes could we expect them to take? I'm not picky about what level of life, autotroph to sentient are of interest.
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