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12 answers

Why isn't the Solar System infested with space pirates?

In the universe in question, interplanetary travel has just about been perfected: a type of fusion reactor that doubles as an engine can produce large thrust on account of the extremely high exhaust ...
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Designing a catamaran as workable masted airship for swashbuckling on the maindecks

I am crafting a hybrid power/sailing airship that needs an exterior scene similar to swashbuckling on the main decks among the sails. Putting a mast on an airship with a big round envelope just isn’t ...
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3 answers

Where would pirates go to operate?

In my world, there are pirates who steal and raid. They are not just the stereotypical kind with parrots, but also other kinds like the ones in Somalia or Barbary pirates. When trying to implement ...
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What kind of technology would a dragon-like species have during the golden age of piracy?

The world I'm working on contains multiple "sub-species" of sentient, European style dragons. When standing on all fours, a human comes up to your typical dragon's shoulders, and they are ...
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7 answers

How can this prison induce Stockholm syndrome?

(please see note re: name controversy at the end) My world needs a captivity environment that convincingly tends to cause Stockholm syndrome in its captives, leading them to willfully serve their ...
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16 votes
9 answers

Is it possible to effectively fight piracy in a solar-system wide human civilization?

So, humanity has invented an engine that while not capable of FTL travel, is still incredibly fast (IE cross the solar system in a matter of weeks or even days on certain ships). We make colonies and ...
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10 answers

The deaf prisoner got her secret message and the pirates never knew. How was that possible?

I have a Category 3 problem in my world This is an escape from pirates problem. The story requires a secret message to get past pirates and I don’t know how to design the captivity for it. Setting: ...
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9 votes
4 answers

Illegal Steampunk horse racing after the apocalypse: What format is most profitable?

My pirates need to maximize profit from their illegal horse racing activities But the horses are not normal, they are machines. You can ride on top with difficulty, and it may slow them down. So ...
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14 votes
17 answers

How to stop space pirates from stealing goods using a teleporter, without breaking the bank?

In the good old days, the space pirates used tractor beams to reel in unsuspecting merchant vessels before robbing them. Recently reports of them cohorting with the rebel army soon spread across the ...
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Space Piracy, a case study

I was reading James Blish again the other day and came across a passage wherein he suggested, with all seriousness, that the only article required to create a new age of piracy was ships that didn't ...
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11 answers

How could trading posts be defended against pirates?

I got many little trading posts all over my worlds and orbiting around them. Everyone can trade in there, nice guys as well as scum of all kind. The trading posts are rich places. How could a system ...
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