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Questions tagged [pharmacology]

For questions about the uses and effects of drugs. Often follows the format of "what drug or chemical could achieve these desired effects?"

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(Survival-Type Situation) How can I Craft a Powerful Sedative From Easy To Find/Gather Materials, Assuming No Meds in Clinics or Hospitals?

I have a character that finds himself in a decent-sized town that has already been ransacked, what can I use to craft sedatives that would be effective on both Zombies, (assuming their anatomy ...
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8 votes
2 answers

recreational drug specifically for reptile?

I want to know is there a recreational drug that specifically affect reptiles, either natural or man made chemicals. Humans and if possible other animals species should not be affected by it even if ...
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Happiness is Mandatory

Happiness is mandatory. Unhappiness is treason. Treason is punishable by summary execution. Are you happy, citizen? - Friend computer. Welcome to Beta Complex, the little brother of Alpha Complex. We ...
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Options to keep someone awake against their will? [closed]

I already asked this on Medicine SE and Chemistry SE, but both said this question is dangerous and they can't answer it, and on Chemistry I got a suggestion to ask this here again. It is for a RPG ...
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13 answers

How can drunken, homicidal elves successfully conduct a wild hunt?

In this premise, the drow rule the fae-realm, an alternate dimension existing alongside the material plane. Every year on one night, the drow have an event known as "The Wild Hunt". During this night, ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Performance enhancing drugs (mostly realistic)

I have a character in my story who is immortal and heals very quickly (think Wolverine). Ignoring physical side effects (but keeping in mind psychological ones) what sorts of drugs could he take to ...
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Which are the things like that, which have or has that effect(i. e., death or else 100% confirmed permanent paralysis for sure for life) like that? [duplicate]

I want to build a world but an element of the world is causing me problem and that element is that I need such a "thing" or a group of the "things" with which a person laces a food item of a "STRONG ...
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3 votes
2 answers

I need a poison that in low dose will paralyze temporarily, in high dose will kill

I’m writing a (fictional) story, and at one point the main character is temporarily paralyzed due to poison. Does anyone know of a poison that would, if taken in a very small amount or if it just ...
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2 answers

Is there medication that has no effect while taking it, but causes amnesia after?

So I'm writing a novel, and I was wondering if there was a medication or some medical something where someone takes this medication, and after it wears off, they remember nothing of what they or ...
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2 votes
8 answers

A chemical other than alcohol that lowers inhibitions

I'm looking for an existing drug or chemical that most closely matches the following criteria, which will be listed from most to least important: lessening of social and moral inhibitions doesn't ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Airborne gas capable of paralyzing or "getting high"?

Writing a science fiction where the air outside is not breathable for long periods of time. Some characters get high from the air, but large amounts of it cause the user to become paralyzed or black ...
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0 votes
6 answers

A drug that reaches only a certain segment of society [closed]

For plot reasons, I'd like to introduce a (legal; prescribed or OTC) drug that ends up primarily used by a certain segment of society, to wit, lower to middle income folks, with only occasional use ...
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6 votes
5 answers

Naturally occurring phenomena allowing for hallucinations or "visions"

So I am working on a concept for a location, wherein a sort of oracle will exist. This oracle will in no way be super natural rather the strange behavior of the oracle (a human for the sake of the ...
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