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How would perpetual motion technology (and "free" energy) affect poverty?

I'm writing a near-future story in which a form of teleportation has been invented. It's only been around for few decades, and is still very complicated (and expensive) to build, so it's only used for ...
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How to make money from free electricity (and not draw attention)? [closed]

TL;DR Some new magic/handwavium device provides free electricity. How does my character make (good) money out of that without letting people/the authorities know about the device? Longer background My ...
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Perpetual motion machines and supersonic flight

Related to Perpetual motion machines and rocketry. In my current worldbuilding project, people commonly employ enigmatic Clarkean machines called "spinners". They are two adjoined cubes, ...
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Perpetual motion machines and rocketry

In my current worldbuilding project, humans find themselves struggling to survive on a cold, dead world with minimal sunlight and the aid of magical machines called "spinners". Spinners are ...
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