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The cultural effect of torture, imprisionment and war in a community [closed]

So, I've been writing about a planet called Tabor, a tidally locked earth-like planet with harsh conditions that humanity decided to use as a prison for political and religious criminals. To summarize,...
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how do traffic move when there's roadblock by police [closed]

Imagine there is a gun shooting incident so police will obviously control traffic but then how do people react when road is blocked? do they wait on block to know what is happening or do they just go ...
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Biological differences between people from space-bound colonies and planet-bound colonies

So I wrote a question a little earlier about the differences in mindset between people born from planetside colonies vs. those born in space [it's linked to save me from explaining the whole system - ...
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Differences in mindset between people born in space and people born planetside

In my world, humanity has populated the stars and now lives in isolated groups in single star systems. Most people never leave the system they were raised in [interstellar travel is very unusual, but ...
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How could a false memory machine work?

False memories are often used on science fiction, so my question is how could this work? best answer: It’s ok for it to be solely theorized, but the most developed method will be prefered machine ...
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What would the world look like if everone was a wizard? [closed]

In my world everyone has magic powers. They aren't super powerful (no murder on sight spells...) but every single person has limited magic. What political, social, military and agricultural things ...
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Why do people below not know what the people up above look like?

Why would regular people not know what the rich people on Earth looked like? Setting details: I'm writing a story in which Earth is basically turning into trash. Not quite Wall-E level trash yet but ...
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Why would humans chose to change their appearance [closed]

Now, the title of the question is somewhat misleading, but to give context. In the far future, humanity has slightly mastered genetic engineering, and many people can now live extremely long lives, ...
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Should I use "people" for non-human creatures with humane mannerisms? [closed]

I have an elf/fairy-like creature in my book called faeries, and I don't know what to call them in large groups. When I'm narrating, the word "people" sounds a bit strange to me since I ...
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