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This tag should be used for questions about a period of peace in the world you are building. For example for questions about achieving peace in a situation.

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Is it possible to breed extremely peaceful humans?

There is a dictatrix (female dictator) who is a well-intentioned extremist. She wants to make humans as peaceful as capybaras by only permitting humans who are empaths/sympaths to reproduce, humans ...
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12 answers

How to politely coexist with a vampire?

Inspired by a comical misreading of the title to this question, how would you politely coexist with a vampire? Vampires want blood. You have blood. You'd prefer to keep your blood in your veins and ...
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What magic system would empower peace? (Retaining free will) [closed]

Imagine you're an all powerful god and you want to reduce the likelihood for unsavory behavior like crime, war, and disaster capitalism. Without taking away free will, or micro managing all actions - ...
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2 answers

How might a peaceful, biocentric, environmentalist movement gain control over a population and government using cult-like tactics? [closed]

This question pertains to radical environmentalism or movements like Gaianism, for example, in which the official premise of belief would be peaceful. What types of cult-like strategies might turn a ...
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11 answers

Is it possible for kingdoms to maintain peace between each other throughout 5 centuries?

So here's the thing. During the Age of Kings, all the kingdoms in each region of Itheria are at peace for 500 years. They maintain a close relationship with each other and even hold councils every 5 ...
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Why would a peaceful race construct weapons? [closed]

In my story, there is an immortal peaceful type iv civilization that has spead across the universe, helping other species to advance and to bring peace. They have left behind their need for war or ...
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3 answers

Could an extremely highly evolved society still live in peace with nature? [closed]

As I've been developing my stories, one major point that has remained constant is the state of the major international powers. One such powerful nation, sahats, is an extremely advanced society. They ...
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3 answers

How to keep a stable peace between enemy countries, with one surrounding the other? [closed]

So there are two countries, A and B. And A completely surrounds B. Now, these countries are not necessarily... friends. In fact, one nation is run by a religious dictatorship and the other nation has ...
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If humans found unlimited energy, would there be more peace or less [closed]

Fusion reactors would effectively allow us to harvest infinite energy at little cost. It seems we may be getting close to achieving this -
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12 answers

How would a species, which does not understand the concept of war or fighting, react to a war? [closed]

Try to imagine a species which does not know what fighting, conflict or war is. They don't have animals on their planet, they are totally on their own. Now humans come and kill some of them and stuff ...
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Would the principles of Stack Exchange work in a real-world utopia?

Following on from my previous utopia-based question (Could compulsory experience-sharing make a utopia actually work?), I'm wondering whether a website could ever be a utopia. Firstly, are there any ...
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What is the best way to exploit gunpowder in medieval tech without killing anyone? [closed]

The story: you are a random medieval fake druid (there is no real magic, only fakes like you) but by accident you stumble upon gunpowder. What is the best way for you to exploit your new invention ...
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How to prevent religion war in country with more than one religion? [closed]

In real world of today, it is visible in some countries of Middle-East where islam and christianity live side by side in one country. And it was also in medieval age in Europe. Religion wars. Islam ...
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