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For questions directly concerning small units of matter.

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Is carbon-223 theoretically possible? [closed]

In my story, there's a stable isotope of carbon with 217 neutrons (it doesn't have to be 217, I just like the number). Based on humanity's current observations of the universe, could this isotope ...
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Is There Any Reason for a High Fantasy civilization to use Stable Higher-Generation Matter

So, in the process of developing a magic system, I have come up with an ability and I don't know why any mage would want to use it. Basically, some mages can control radioactive decay, and what that ...
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Necessities for a handheld electron beam weapon

So, since practically every science fiction writer under the sun has imagined some manner of handheld laser beam, I have been exploring alternatives for energy/particle weapons, one of which is an ...
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Why is my organic computer the only thing capable of manipulating my special particles?

I have a few fictional particles in my setting that can do many things, however getting them do something specific is the challenging part. There are a class of particles that only work while in the ...
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What kind of technology would make subatomic particles stable?

I was reading about femtotechnology but I also know that many subatomic particles and arrangements are unstable and do not last even a second. And the heavier the particle is lower their half life is. ...
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Could the electrical charge of a black hole neutralize it's gravitational pull?

It's well-known that gravity is the weakest of the 4 fundamental forces. With this knowledge, would it be possible to cancel out the gravitational forces of a black hole with it's charge? Say a black ...
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Could a neutron-slowing field render neutron-induced nuclear fission weapons and reactors unusable?

Let's say that, for some reason, producing a certain type of field causes all free neutrons with a kinetic energy greater than 100 kEV to spontaneously emit visible-spectrum photons and lose the ...
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How can high PeV particles from galactic accelerators be used to propel a spaceship?

The Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory, or LHAASO, in China has just detected an extremely high energy particle from some unknown particle accelerator in the galaxy, 140 times more powerful ...
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How much energy I would need to make a Meson particle rifle?

So, in this video (27:29) the guys says that "Mesons are short-lived particles that are more mundane and could pass through armour". However, I don't really know much how particles work, in ...
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