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For questions pertaining to events or phenomena operating outside the scope of scientific understanding. Contrast with magic: whereas magic often has logical rules, paranormal events may defy both magical and scientific explanation.

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How could politicians protect themselves from hypnosis?

In my world, hypnotism is both powerful and reliable. With a few tools and a lot of suggestions, it is possible for trained hypnotists to put people in a trance-like state. While in this state, the ...
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Where could spirits like ghosts and demons be visible in the electromagnetic spectrum? And how would they be able to do this? [closed]

Heiiii my first question here! Right so I'm writing my story and I was going to make the spirit beings just turn invisible (just classic spirit stuff you know) But after reading in this website a fair ...
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What's the best place to open a vortex

First off, a little background. This is inspired by the podcast Welcome to Night Vale. In a forest, a portal opened up to let out several paranormal creatures. After a year of spreading out, they went ...
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Would a demon be afforded civil rights?

Synopsis For reasons unimportant to the question all divine/infernal beings and deities took a hiatus from interacting with the earth in the dark ages. For reasons equally obscure they are back and ...
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How to differentiate between demonic possession and mental illness?

It turns out that all of the deities and various demons, angels, and spirits are real. The super natural world took a hiatus since the dark ages for reasons not relevant to this question and for ...
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