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A plausible scientific explanation for Late Cretaceous dinosaurs DNA to be preserved, and viable enough to be cloned (or closest recreation)

Worldbuilding, thank you for your time. I came to this site to ask a few questions and get advice, if possible, on a project I'm working on. I have always been a fan Turok, Dino Crissis, Cage of Eden, ...
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Would a prehistoric Dragon be Bigger or Smaller? [closed]

I was recently thinking about Dragons, and got thinking about what they would have looked like in prehistory. Dragons were able to survive through the times due to two. main factors: Their Size. ...
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21 votes
9 answers

Plausibility of not noticing alien life on Earth

In the mid 21st Century a dinosaur fossil dig team has encountered something a little different from what they are used to. They have stumbled upon some kind of unknown ooze or slime, preserved in ...
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If dinosaurs had a civilization, how primitive must it have been to leave no trace in the present?

I am thinking of, yes, a simple story with intelligent dinosaurs, but I am not interested (And I sincerely prefer) that they are not sufficiently advanced in my history to be comparable to modern ...
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How to shape society's values such that paleontology becomes the largest / most profitable industry?

In our iteration of "Earth," there are several studies suggesting that the study of paleontology is itself going extinct. In an attempt to envision a brighter future for the field, I want to build a ...
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How to prove that “dragons“ spit fire?

Let's imagine there actually were dragons (dinosaurs) that spit fire. How could that be actually proven if you've lived in a day and age like today, where these kinds of creatures are actually ...
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Would dragons be less popular if their skeletons were as frequent as skeletons of dinosaurs?

Dragons are kind of a cult. They are very popular in movies, books and stories in general. It feels that the dragons are only a better dinosaur. So I wonder, would finding their skeletons affect ...
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