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If humans were killed out in the Great Oxidation Event, would they leave behind any evidence?

I was thinking about the Great Oxidation Event - how, when they evolved and starting dumping a ton of oxygen into the atmosphere through photosynthesis, they accidentally killed off almost all life on ...
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What could humans forage 75 million years ago in Laramidia (Western North America) and could the stuff I've found actually be plausible?

So first things first, I'm trying to put together a grounded cretaceous Western setting for a personal world building project. I'm aware of just how... Limited humans would be when it comes to diet ...
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How to do dental surgery on a T-Rex tooth?

In my world, Dinohumania, dinosaurs and humans coexist. There are ways humans benefit from and utilize dinosaurs, mainly for industrial/laboral activities and heavy tasks. Humans try to maintain a ...
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What advantages/disadvantages would Homo Erectus have in a 19th Century military conflict?

Homo Erectus is one of the oldest of the Homo species that went extinct 100,000 years ago. Let's say that Homo Erectus made it to Australia and was isolated on that continent until British ...
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A plausible scientific explanation for Late Cretaceous dinosaurs DNA to be preserved, and viable enough to be cloned (or closest recreation)

Worldbuilding, thank you for your time. I came to this site to ask a few questions and get advice, if possible, on a project I'm working on. I have always been a fan Turok, Dino Crissis, Cage of Eden, ...
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Would a prehistoric Dragon be Bigger or Smaller? [closed]

I was recently thinking about Dragons, and got thinking about what they would have looked like in prehistory. Dragons were able to survive through the times due to two. main factors: Their Size. ...
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Plausibility of not noticing alien life on Earth

In the mid 21st Century a dinosaur fossil dig team has encountered something a little different from what they are used to. They have stumbled upon some kind of unknown ooze or slime, preserved in ...
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If dinosaurs had a civilization, how primitive must it have been to leave no trace in the present?

I am thinking of, yes, a simple story with intelligent dinosaurs, but I am not interested (And I sincerely prefer) that they are not sufficiently advanced in my history to be comparable to modern ...
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How to shape society's values such that paleontology becomes the largest / most profitable industry?

In our iteration of "Earth," there are several studies suggesting that the study of paleontology is itself going extinct. In an attempt to envision a brighter future for the field, I want to build a ...
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How to prove that “dragons“ spit fire?

Let's imagine there actually were dragons (dinosaurs) that spit fire. How could that be actually proven if you've lived in a day and age like today, where these kinds of creatures are actually ...
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Would dragons be less popular if their skeletons were as frequent as skeletons of dinosaurs?

Dragons are kind of a cult. They are very popular in movies, books and stories in general. It feels that the dragons are only a better dinosaur. So I wonder, would finding their skeletons affect ...
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