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19 votes
5 answers

Are hydrocarbons viable foods for larger organisms?

There are some oil consuming bacteria which can break down hydrocarbons in the ocean. Since these tend to store a lot of energy, I was wondering whether it's possible for larger organisms to take ...
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14 votes
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My cows lactate oil instead of milk, how do I stop them from igniting?

Starting off, these domesticated herbivores, much like cows, exist on a terrestrial world 15-20% larger than Earth. With a higher gravity of 11.2 G, Earth-like atmosphere, and if it existed in our ...
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13 votes
11 answers

Are steam locomotives more viable than diesel in a post-apocalypse?

So, context: This is some time after the apocalyptic event, and society has had a little time to re-build. The apocalyptic event in question physically destroyed a large number of cities, and killed ...
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7 votes
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What might happen to plastic after millions of years of geological activity?

I'm considering a worldbuilding exercise focusing on a "second generation" civilization, which arises after a previous civilization from millions of years ago either died off or left the ...
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5 votes
4 answers

What environmental conditions would result in Crude oil being far easier to access than coal?

So, A bit of a long winded explanation: I am designing a world that is meant to be both nostalgic and alien; A world that is familiar enough at first glance, but has many differences to ours. One ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Would it be the end of modern civilisation if there wasn't any oil?

In the modern world, a lot of products around are from oil-based derivatives or processed organic compounds. Ranging from clothing, footwear, insulation, cars, computers, phones, etc. People are not ...
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3 answers

Can some countries regress and other advance when petrol will not be available anymore?

In my world, petrol will not be available anymore and there will have been a crisis ending its availability (the story is set after the crisis). The consequences will be these: Developing and poor ...
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2 votes
5 answers

Could plastic have been made in the medieval period?

So, plastics are made by refining oils. I've been researching the process for a little bit, and while I haven't found a video that really helps me understand exactly what physical devices are needed ...
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Justification for foreign intervention in an anarchist Middle East? [closed]

What would be a rational reason for Western countries to unethically intervene in the Middle East following a total economic collapse? I'm writing a story where Middle Eastern countries descend into ...
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Other ways "Fossil fuels" can form [closed]

For clarification my question is: What are some other ways hydrocarbons can form? Okay for context in my world people traveled to another planet and found hydrocarbons in the ground (coal, oil and ...
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