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13 votes
13 answers

Numeral systems based on different colors rather than different symbols?

I want to portray a culture with a significantly different method of perceiving their own mathematical concepts, yet not so as to say something like just "they used a kind of number very often, ...
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12 votes
8 answers

Would beings with a base 8 number system be advantaged for electronics?

I am looking forward to create anthropomorphic dragons/lizards with 8 fingers (3 + thumb). As they base their number system on it, the powers of 2 are recurrent. Would this grant any advantage for the ...
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3 votes
19 answers

Number of Fingers for a Math Oriented Race

Form follows function, or that's how the saying goes. Which isn't true for some things. That is to say, a large reason why humans use a base 10 numbering system is because we have 10 fingers, not that ...
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4 answers

World With No Concept of Numbers [closed]

Nothing repeats in this world. Nothing happens as much similar to another thing already happened that #2 can be assigned to it, even superficially. Can intelligent life exist in such world? By ...
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