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Questions tagged [necromancy]

For questions relating to the reanimation of the corpses of sophont beings. Examples would be undead liche warriors, zombies and Persephone.

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5 votes
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How many zombies does it take to cause an ice age?

Let's start with how necromancy works in this setting. A magic-user grabs a corpse, shoves magical energy inside, and gets to boss it around until the magic runs out. The efficiency that a corpse ...
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How does a government that uses undead labor avoid perverse incentives?

The setting I'm working on is in terms of tech levels and society best comparable to early 20th century Earth. But with several big differences. One being the existence necromancy and mad science that ...
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16 votes
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How could a modern democratic state justify the practice of necromancy?

So, we are on a fictional planet where the most powerful human faction (the Union) relies heavily on necrotechny (high-tech necromancy) for historical reasons. Necrotechny brings prosperity and ...
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What good are undead cavalry as part of a modern army (fighting mostly orcs and goblins)? [closed]

Basically, the question is, what alterations would the necromancer/biomancer make to his horses to make them viable again? The horses can be trained and are sentient. The necromancer can repair them ...
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8 votes
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Which bear would be the best weapon for a necromancer's army: Kodiak, Grizzly, Polar?

Background: My question would be: which bear would be the most useful for a necromancer who raises one from the dead. Since the bear is dead, temperature, stamina, injuries, aggression, all of that ...
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Does an Undead Kingdom where the Lower Class live near the surface while the Upper Class lives underground below them make any sense?

I'm working on a story where all the characters are various Undead (we're talking typical D&D Ghosts, Wraiths, Zombies, and Skeletons, albeit with sentience) that all live together in the highly ...
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necrobotany and necromancy - bringing the dead back [closed]

in the story i'm writing, there are different types of energy that can do different, but related things. Green energy is the closest to earth magic (think control over plants, but it can also be ...
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What is the reason behind the First Iron Law of necromancy, "In order to raise the dead you must be dead yourself"?

Question: Given the rules of my world as explained below, how can I justify "The First Iron Law of Necromancy?" A living person can't simply raise the dead from their slumber, only somebody ...
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