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5 answers

Maximum Size of a Wooden Sailing Vessel

King Darien "Stubby" Shortstock, the incredibly petite king of 1600s Imperial Rathakos, has commissioned me to build him a massive flagship to lead his mighty fleet. He wants it big. Bigger ...
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What would naval warfare look like if Dreadnoughts never came to be?

I sadly couldn't find any answers to this question, probably because it's quite niche, so i'm posting this as my first question here! The was ...
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13 answers

Why can't the military stop my hidden pirate haven from illegal gambling and smuggling?

My pirate safe haven runs gambling rings, horse races, and trades contraband but no one can find it or penetrate it. Why? I've got a story revolving around pirates and a rescue. The pirates have a ...
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How would modern naval warfare be altered by a complete lack of fossil fuels?

Long story short, a bunch of people terraformed a planet and then were immediately technologically and societally forced back to the Stone Age thanks to interference/extermination/general-not-goodness ...
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Wire guided space torpedoes

In a semi futuristic setting electronic warfare has advanced to the point that complex wireless guidance systems are nearly useless. As such most combat in space takes place at or close to visual ...
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Solar panels for Naval ships in Ship building

As the Naval ships sail in the deep seas, oceans and they are open to the blue sky (As i visualise them), Can there be Naval ships where Solar panels could be required for them in specific cases, ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Way to make a sailing frigate dangerous in a semi-modern world

I need to find a way to make an age of sail type naval frigate comparable to those of rougly the 1770's (admittedly with some ''ahead of it's time'' design changes) a threat to a naval ship comparable ...
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Effectiveness of lightning weapon on a medieval sea

How effective would a charged weapon be on a medieval sea Alright, so imagine we have a barge — a city barge, similar to some of Technochtitlan raft farms. Due to (magicly caused) climate conditions ...
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Nuclear Propulsion System [closed]

Is it plausible to: Have a huge nuclear powered aircraft carrier to be propelled by H2-O2 rocket engine (size adjust) where you generate both reactants from sea water through Electrolysis. What would ...
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