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For questions relating to maritime navigation or analogous processes.

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How might navies and maritime trade have evolved around a Pangaea-like landmass?

So I was thinking about the possibility of a Pangaea like landmass in a secondary world setting. Assuming more or less historical technology and humans, how would the concept of a navy and maritime ...
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If I build a railroad around the edge of a supercontinent, will that kill the oceangoing shipping industry?

Suppose, for a moment, that there is a human inhabited supercontinent. The planet that this supercontinent is on does not have any large landmasses which are more than 10 KM from the primary continent ...
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Sailing Ship Needs to Make a Fast Getaway

Here's the setting I'm working out. The fantasy ship I came up with here (see "Dawn Treader" post at the bottom) needs to leave the harbor in a hurry. A strange "magical" purple ...
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Fantasy Sailing Ship with Oars Speed and Plausibility

I am looking to fashion a passably believable fantasy ship for a crew of about 30 privateers* (see remark, this could be changed if needed, although I prefer not to have a massive crew in the story). ...
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Possibility of a seafloor vent used to sink ships

Okay, here's the idea. There's a weapon that an nation built a hundred or so kilometers from its coast(s), installed into the seafloor, what works by absorbing dissolved gases from the water. When the ...
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How else could you organize a ship's crew? [closed]

What other structures could you use to organize a ship's crew than the standard traditional one of a Captain with officers and a crew? NASA's approach would sort of work, in which there is a mission ...
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Would navigation work if the magnetic poles were located at the equator?

Let's say the magnetic North Pole is and has been located around 0, 0 (off the coast of Africa) for all of human history, and the magnetic South Pole 180 degrees to the east/west. Maybe the Earth's ...
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What would limit the size of a sail-powered sea cargo ship using modern (or near future) technologies, and how big could we go?

Fossil-fuel-powered shipping is obviously much better than old-school sail-powered ships for moving cargo around. But if winds were predictable, fossil fuels rare and solar/nuclear power not an option ...
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