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Where would be the best place to set up a government building in a world that constantly had earthquakes?

so I’m trying to figure out where a government would set up their main base in a world where earthquakes and natural disasters are imminent and happening all the time. I want it to be iconic like in ...
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23 votes
2 answers

Can you naturally grow houses?

I'm Worldbuilding, and in my world, people can grow houses from seeds. My world is not a Fantasy one. Could this theoretically work, and if so, how? (Images by Finnian MacManus) To start the growth ...
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Can a biological gun be evolved or exist [duplicate]

I had a idea of a alien flying creature on a low gravity planet that would hunt in a unique way. It would evolve a biological gun on its forehead. Is such thing plausible and how, if not why? Note i ...
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6 votes
4 answers

How to make a dragon's whip even deadlier?

So, in my previous question, the two most popular weapons for a dragon were wings and the tail. The core concept is that my slightly-larger-than-a-draft-horse dragon, who still only weighs a mere 500 ...
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