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Despite slain monsters continually yielding gold coins, why does gold's trading value seem to remain constant over the years?

Set in fantasy medieval times, monsters can be seen loitering around the kingdom. People discovered that the slain carcasses of these monsters contain a certain quantity of gold coins. The rest is ...
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How can defeating lesser monsters grant more magical power compared to more difficult ones?

Reality is both cruel and unjust when it comes to the point of absorbing magical power from a slain monster: every adventurer notices the significant boost in their magical power when they defeat ...
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How can caravans safely move between towns despite threat of monster attacks?

I have a traditional quasi-medieval fantasy realm where a few generations back improper use of magic lead to creation of monsters throughout the land. Our main countries have had to figure out how to ...
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what are some unique ways monsters feed off people? [closed]

So I'm creating a world that has several different species of monsters/creatures that feed off humans (as well as animals and other human-like creatures). Some are like classic monsters who will kill ...
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If slaying virtual monsters can increase one's magical power, why would many veterans rather ditch the simulation?

Set 100 years into the future, a mysterious meteor landed in the pacific ocean and since then reports of supernatural phenomenon exploded exponentially throughout the world. People waking up the next ...
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In what way would a regenerating undead be "undead"?

We all know an undead is a reanimated corpse, something rotten and decomposing yet still animated. Normally an undead (if made of flesh) will have an expiration date after which it won't be able to ...
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What practical considrations would a world forever trapped in cold, snow, and ice face? [closed]

I'm building a world - or rather 3 interconnected worlds of cold and ice. The idea is worlds in a snowglobe because of a mis-worded wish of "I wish everything would stay the same forever." The first ...
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Why do people prefer metropolitan areas, considering monsters and villains?

About fifty years ago, a number of people started to get really lucky. While normal humans when exposed to toxic waste, radiation etc. die, these guys actually managed to exploit previously unknown ...
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