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How would you justify technological advancement both digital and cybernetic without the risks of orwellian controls? [closed]

Let's just say these past few years, I've been reading SciFi Dystopia fiction in which simply put. All computers and phones and anything digital, makes it so that the users are easily tracked, hacked ...
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Will disallowing inheritance reduce corruption?

Say, people can't inherit property or money from their families. Once a person dies and assuming all his dependents are above 18 years old, all his assets go to the government, get re-distributed or ...
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Time crime real estate division

I've become interested in time crime recently, but I want to muse over how it would work. Someone suggested using future knowledge to invest in real estate might be a good way to make money off time ...
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How to make money from free electricity (and not draw attention)? [closed]

TL;DR Some new magic/handwavium device provides free electricity. How does my character make (good) money out of that without letting people/the authorities know about the device? Longer background My ...
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Would time travel make infinite coins?

I have a crap load of coins, enough to make 20 dollars USD. They fill up a relatively big jar. There is not an infinite amount of money in there though. There is a finite amount of money in the world. ...
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Does this money system make sense?

In my constructed world, they use three different coins. The coins would be worth (about) 0.05 USD (called a pesokt), 0.60 USD (a dolundar), and 1.20 USD (a sterllo), respectively. Though, how they'd ...
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What would be the cost of living in a country where only millionaires and billionaires are allowed to live?

I am imagining a small country with a relatively small population; say around five million people, where by law everyone living there needs to be a millionaire or a multimillionaire/billionaire. So ...
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Why would a landlord in a cyberpunk dystopia deal with a 'SINless' person?

So here is the setup: The protagonist has escaped an underground slave encampment in a cyberpunk dystopia. Everyone in this world is expected to be registered - the SIN (System Identification Number) ...
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What is the most altruistic economic system? [closed]

I'm trying to write about a world with an altruistic society, and want an economy that facilitates that most of the time. I'm looking for an answer that improves public goods, retains some level of ...
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How to monetize soap bubble portals that travel across dimensions and bring various creatures and objects from different times/places in one planet [closed]

In my project there's a species of creatures capable of bending reality, using very advanced technology they achieved the power to travel through dimensions using portals. The portals work like soap ...
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Why would money or any other means of exchange need to exist if AI, robots, automation and nanotechnology produce all goods and services?

Let's say almost everyone is now jobless but almost all goods and services are made by machines including nanobot swarms and 3D printing. Even the government and the justice system in this futuristic ...
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Is a biofuel-backed currency viable? [closed]

I have a world where there are no fossil fuel deposits. This means that biofuels - fuels artificially created out of biological matter, rather than via geological processes - are the sole hydrocarbons ...
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Would a solar flare that wipes out all of the worlds financial data cause hyperinflation or hyperdeflation of the remaining physical currency?

According to New Scientist, a tech-destroying solar flare could hit Earth within 100 years. It could knock out our electrical grids, satellite communications, and the internet. It might also erase ...
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Monetary system(or the abscense of it) in an economy where AI and robots have eliminated most jobs [closed]

Where the mejority economic socaity robot have the cloused and personal car 30 ton e.g. tracking
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Everyday life in a world and civilization which do not have any money in the economy ( and not barter too)

I was reading about non monetary economies and it says that it is a kind of economy that do not have any money in the economy and all goods and services are free to everyone according to Wikipedia. I ...
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How would someone break into a vault in a pocket dimension? [closed]

In my fantasy world, most very rich people hide their wealth in a pocket dimension. Now, normally there are two ways to get into a pocket dimension: a spell that requires a tuning fork with a VERY ...
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Would honey work as money?

Would honey be feasible as a kind of money? It seems ideal to me and I'm wondering if I'm missing something. Honey is: imperishable (like gold is) hard to mass-produce or massively scale production ...
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Setting Relative Coinage Values

Lets say you had a state, technologically around the mid to late classical era, using a hard coinage. There are four types of coins: The smallest coin is a paulum. The second smallest is the radix, ...
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Best use of money in new technologies for the common good [closed]

Joe Biden's "Endless Frontier Act" aims to power strategical advances in artificial intelligence and quantum technology through injection of 120 billion dollars in the American economy. Such ...
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How can I make money work across separate planets?

Over time separate countries have adopted common currencies, and a world can be imagined where a planet has a single currency. However, in building a world spanning a multiplanet system (several ...
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