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For physics-based questions pertaining to bodies in motion. Defined specifically as the product of an object's mass and velocity.

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Is there a way to reconcile inertial dampening fields with conservation laws?

So I wish to make a sci fi setting that uses gravity manipulation tech and inertial dampeners. I have a number of ideas for how such a system works, and about how it should go. At the moment I'm ...
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4 answers

Could a rocket use negative mass to fly without energy?

My scifi world obeys the real world conservation laws. This presents a problem for spacecraft; due to the conservation of momentum, the spacecraft will need propellant, and a lot of it, for every ...
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Should I allow my teleporter to maintain his momentum after a teleport? [closed]

So I've designed a si-fi rpg with my friends that uses a mixture of magic and tech. One of my players is magically a teleporter and wants to know if his teleports would maintain his current velocity ...
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Constant acceleration as artificial gravity. Would flipping over halfway still be comfortable?

My question isn't about whether constant acceleration can create artificial gravity, as I know that it can. I am thinking more about worldbuilding in the sense of a practical transportation system ...
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How much force would your fist need to strike with to punch through a human body?

Okay so, this is kind of a disgusting question... sorry about that in advance, guys. Say you are super strong, super fast, and super durable. There is a not so strong, fast, or durable normal human ...
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A system for transporting people from a spinning ring up a conduit to a spaceship

I have a spaceship which is basically a cylinder a little less then a kilometer long. Attached to the ship by pylons connected to a hub is an inhabited ring which spins to produce a gravity-like ...
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