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Conditions of a piranha solution ocean

My super Earth has oceans of entirely piranha solution, that is, a mixture of sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide. The planet is very carbon rich and the crust is about 98% diamond and 2% quartz. The ...
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What types of materials would be generated by a lava monster that has been cooled down rapidly?

I want to create a magma slime, which has a magical vulnerability to being cooled down and turns to rock easily (like when hit by a water or an ice spell). This rock can then be shattered to gather ...
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What would a mountain and desert made out of diamond, glass, or a see-through fantasy material look like?

I once ran across a question on this forum a few years back that questioned if mountains made out of diamond could reasonably exist. Ever since then I've been interested in the concept of diamond ...
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How can I determine the radius of turn a 4.6m diameter Tunnel Boring Machine could have? (im building fictional underground labs in the desert)

I have chosen this kind of Tunnel Boring Machine to make the tunnels (4.6m diameter). The curvature of the tunnels depends on the radius of turn the machine has. The idea is to build underground ...
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What Are the Pitfalls of Using Diamonds as Currency? [closed]

Basically I have a world where people use diamonds as currency, and the reason they do this is because diamonds specifically are alchemically inert. Other useless metals like gold are nothing close to ...
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Diamond decorative clothing?

Diamond can be produced in large quantities by additive manufacturing. We see some pretty wild dresses at various awards ceremonies. Could you make a workable diamond dress? Or wouldn't it be ...
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What's stopping other rock layers from creating a karst-like landscape?

Context I've reread a part of a book about geochemistry and it reminded me that just about any element can dissolve in water if the pH is right. Later an examples of aluminium or iron dissolving en ...
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What metal or mineral commonly found on Earth could be extremely rare on a different Earth-like planet?

I am writing a story where a secret organization in the present day controls a portal between Earth and a different Earth-like planet. The organization secretly ships resources between planets to make ...
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Is a black moon possible?

I had an idea about a moon whose surface appears to be entirely covered by basalt and other volcanic minerals like obsidian giving the moon a black color. My question is: Is something like this ...
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Would my solar system work out?

I've been building my own story world with my friend which revolves around humans and different intelligent beings, and for one of the beings, I've come up with a planet and a solar system that is ...
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What range of sounds would a sentient vibrating crystal be able to make?

I'm working on a setting with a really old, sentient rock. While its able to think, and has an excellent memory, it has no moving body parts - because it is a rock. The idea is that it can vibrate to ...
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How to properly mine an explosive ore

In my world, there is a dangerous ore that is very explosive if struck harshly, making picaxes useless. Despite this, the kingdoms want to mine it to clear room for construction, and use the substance ...
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How do I get my pet rock to stop following me around? [closed]

I have a pet rock that I bought from a store. It is about the size of my fist and is smooth with no features. I named it Rocky. Rocky seems to be sentient and it follows me around everywhere I go. It ...
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Uses of common and cheap diamonds [closed]

Inspired by this question, I've wondered how it would world look, if those diamond berries were real. Let's assume in my fantasy world of XVII/XVIII IRL technology have one species of plant that have ...
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How strong would diamond armour be? [duplicate]

In Minecraft, you can make a set of highly rare diamond armour. If one were to make a set of diamond armour in real life, exactly as portrayed in the game, where 1 square pixel is equal to 1/10th of a ...
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