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For questions concerning the simultaneous death of many living beings.

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Can a war in an 1800's level society kill a billion people in 17 years?

Technology Level The planet has a level of technology of about the early 1800's. They have some basic steam transportation, muskets and bayonets, cannons and other basic artillery, and some less ...
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How hard would it be for a cockroach to massacre over a dozen humans at around the same scale 'barehanded'?

I know ANOTHER weird cockroach question, but bare with me. I have this very W.I.P story about an non-governmental organization that wants to send out people to make peaceful first contact(not ...
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How deadly would a singe mutant cockroach be in modern day Florida?

Ok, so this is a modified question from yesterday to hopefully meet WB.SE's rules about not being too plot- or opinion-based. I had an idea about a freak incident in Florida where a cockroach sprayed ...
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How high would the bodycount of a 6 foot tall mutant killer cockroach be in modern times before it is taken out by military/police/armed citizen(s)? [closed]

Ok, so another weird cockroach related question from me. Anyway, I had an idea about a freak incident in Florida where a cockroach sprayed with (probably Raid)insecticide inadvertently getting into a ...
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How to quickly dispose the bodies of 100 million individuals?

In a country of a typical dictatorship, the government has planted within each person an obedience chip. This chip has a kill switch that could be triggered if the government wanted a particular ...
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all human females except one is dead, how screwed is humanity?

inspired by this and this question. I'm wondering how screwed is humanity if the event like y: the last man is happening, but this time, it's the reverse. so by that context : by asb will, all human ...
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