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For questions that have to do with magic, as opposed to science/technology. Remember to explain any limits.

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Explaining where energy comes from to power magic

I'm trying to create a realistic magic system, this may be a lost cause. Imagine in our story we have a wizard who wants to cast a spell to start a fire. In some magic systems there are magic words, ...
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Solving the difficulties of a world based on harmonics

If you were to do a plane or world where music interacts with everything and instruments are essentially able to influence reality based on how they are played, what would be the practical ...
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Wondering what would happen if magic was constrained by Conservation of Energy

Would throwing a fireball leave a trail of frost in its wake? Would transmuting too much lead into gold cause a small meltdown? Would collecting enough power to cast a really big spell like causing ...
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Assuming magic is a source of energy that wizards have access to, how would they "bleed off" the energy when not using it?

So in many worlds, magic is a source of power that magic users can draw upon and "do stuff with" - make elemental effects (fire, cold, lightning), heal wounds, shield from arrows, light rooms, etc. ...
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How can magic and the economy reliably stand together?

This question assumes that in any kind of magical world, any form of magi can create nearly anything, but especially -- using only magic, can create gold, silver, gemstones, other currency, etc. as ...
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Would a roof over a ship's board hinder operation of the ship significantly?

Related to: How would rudder protection against water elementals affect ship's performance and How would sails from a fireproof material affect ship's performance? Most real-world ships from say 14th ...
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How would sails from a fireproof material affect ship's performance?

Related to: How would rudder protection against water elementals affect ship's performance In a world with ordinary magic, military ships should be prepared for enemy fireball-hurling wizards. Is ...
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How would rudder protection against water elementals affect ship's performance?

In my world, there are two countries constantly in cold or warm war with each other, and one of them has quite a lot of magi in their army. In my RPG campaign, the party is sailing one of the best-...
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What and how main technological breakthrough we have today could be replaced with magic? [closed]

In my opinion, magic can lead to its very own kind of technology, possibly very similar to ours. If it is a kind of magic where you use one energy source to trigger one other event (like in The ...
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What effect would elemental magic have on the work force

Imagine a society where everyone controls a variation of one of the four elements: earth, fire, water, and air. What I mean by variation is some might control metal, but not rocks. Others control ice, ...
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In a world of science AND magic, how is magic explained scientifcally? [closed]

Obviously there are multiple ways to explain this, so the correct answer in this case would be the most reasonable and detailed answer with as many explanations as possible.
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Regulating the usage of magic in the modern era

If magic were to manifest in the modern (present) age, how would first world governments attempt to classify and regulate its usage? To be more specific (and an example), if the USA created a ...
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Must magic be tied to medieval tech?

Most settings with a magical component, whether this means wizards, magical races, or something similar, seem to be parked at a medieval level of development in terms of technology and society. Is ...
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