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A "machine cult" is a relatively common trope described in fiction; it refers to religious organization worshipping various manifestation of industrial or digital technology - most frequently, an artificial intelligence.

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How can a secret machine cult hide the construction of underground forge complexes?

Prefacing information // The Creed of Forgemasters, a religious society worshipping what thry identify as the purity of machines and driven by the holy mission of liberating the pure, immortal souls ...
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How can siphoning power from a god fail to increase Mana reserves?

Through magical rituals, entities can be summoned into our worlds and placed into avatars, humanoid shells serving as a container for their souls. A corporation has used this method to summon a god in ...
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Music from the Stars - How would a star-sound-machine work?

In my fictional setting, part of the civilization has a strong astronomical alignment. Religion and Science are hard to distinguish and new scientific discoveries strengthen it´s faith in the heavenly ...
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What materials can be used to construct a massive aerially placed quantum random computer? [closed]

I have a quantum signalling system which is kind of steam-gothic, where some rune/planetary/laser display/flappy doors thing/bouncy ball/dog in a wheel/runic digits/sky balloons/light displays have to ...
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How to justify vampirism in general intelligence? [closed]

In year 2278 C.E. the machines develop superior intellect on par with a 21st average human teenager's brain, both races had coexisted amicably for a long time until a robotic hacker meddled with the ...
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Machine cult in practice

Cults worshipping an AI are commonly existing in fiction, but what would it actually look like? How would they practice their religion and what factors define it? Copying Christianity, Islam and ...
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