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For questions about extending and sustaining life on unusually long timescales. May include creating natural biological systems that allow for long lifespans or designing scientific processes that extend the lives of short-lived organisms.

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What would a billion years feel to an immortal human or alien? [closed]

Let’s say human lifespan could be extended indefinitely and we could live for billions of years. We also figured out Neurocybernetics and more efficient data storage to augment our memory storage ...
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How would a fruit causing longevity be identified as one?

With current (early-21st century) technology and science level, suppose that a new fruit is discovered on some island. This fruit is imported and marketed around the world. Unknown to anyone, this ...
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How long would it take for inbreeding issues to arise for a family that practiced inbreeding?

The magic in my setting arises from inbreeding. However to gain the powers a person must be in-bred. How long would it take before such problems arise from inbreeding if the people continued this ...
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Risk of over toxicity or system mutation in species with very long life spans

I fear this question may be somewhat premature as I’m suddenly skipping forward to a period in the species’ history that is comparable to our own, a far cry from my last question about the building ...
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In a population of 30 million, how many people would a 3,000-year-old know?

In my universe, everyone is a few thousand years old (ranging from about 1,500 to 4,000 years) and the population is capped at around 30 million people. People live pretty spread out across a planet ...
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How can I prevent muscles from atrophying in a magically induced coma?

Maleficient is an evil witch on a quest for true immortality. Until she accomplishes her goal, she uses a midpoint form of magic called reincarnation in order to buy her more time and keep her alive. ...
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Psychology of Long Life

I'm writing a novel about a (small) group of people with extraordinarily long lifespans. Now I am wondering on the psychological aspects of that, which has been a side-topic here and there in similar ...
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Extreme lifespan vs. criminal justice "long sentences"

In many countries, stipulated term criminal sentences (i.e., not indeterminate or "life") can be extremely long, well over a hundred years. The US is one well-known example. Assuming all other ...
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What MATH could I use to conclude my World's Elf prime pregnancy years?

So, let's be real ... I totally suck at math. If a Human female can live to be 100 and her prime pregnancy years are from 20 years old to 40 years old AND assuming that Elves in this world have the ...
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Species/Race lifespans [duplicate]

What are all the factors of a species' or race's lifespan, scientifically? Know that I am not asking for life expectancy, which can obviously be handled by the worldbuilder him/herself, but rather ...
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