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For questions that have to do with livestock, or the keeping and raising of farm animals for their resources. Questions may include livestock of other life forms as well.

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Cooking in a hyperbaric kitchen?

Let's say you're in Atlantis, which happens to be 1 km below sea level It's also at equilibrium with the sea. You have been born there and are fully acclimated to the pressure, in air which is made ...
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Could Toxodon, Macrauchenia, and Megatherium be Domesticated, and if so, What Would Their Uses be? [closed]

In my book series, there is this huge flat savannah in the tropical north of my continent (it's in the southern hemisphere), very similar to the Brazilian cerrado in terms of plant life and animal ...
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Would Big Goats be a good animals of burden, in a mountainous region, used by dwarfs?

I'm wondering if it would make sense to replace Cattle with Goats, in mountainous regions of my Dwarfen Kingdom. I was thinking about creating a special bigger bread that is similar to an ox. Would it ...
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Best Animal for traveling through post-apocalyptic Colorado Mountains?

You are a part of a tribe called the Twin Sisters. You need to travel for about 3 weeks worth of travel, but there all no cars: You live in post-Nuclear Colorado. You need some type of animal to ...
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How would flight factor into shepherding for Aarakocra (birdfolk, basically)?

So, my setting, as of now, is a singular supercontinent, with a large mountain system running across one of its sides, basically the fantasy equivalent of the Andes. On paper this (or at least its ...
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19th century-like transportation without horses?

So, let’s say, hypothetically A NUCLEAR WAR KICKS OFF DUE TO PROLONGED INTERNATIONAL TENSION, AND TURNS THE EARTH INTO A BLEAK, HOSTILE WASTELAND. Now, let’s flash forward 197 years, to 2259. By now, ...
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How can existing methods of plumping, genetic modification, and gmo feeding be altered to accommodate the need for plumper, meatier human food stock?

I am an orc warboss called "The Beast" who has invaded earth and enslaved humanity. You humies are a worthless sprcies that have accomplished nothing of note in your civilizations throughout history. ...
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What kind of animals can be raised like cows?

Looking for animals specifically used for meat. They must be able to be kept in way that that cows can be, That could mean in a pen with corn or in a pasture with just a tall fence. Edit: I know ...
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Best mythical creature to use as livestock? [closed]

Imagine a world where all the magical and fantastical creatures that exist in mythology or folklore actually exist. Everything from dragons, griffins, goblins, harpies, trolls, etc. - they can taken ...
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What changes to the livestock industry would slowly evolve the animals to become a threat to humanity?

We, humans, hold a lot of livestock. 19 billion in chickens alone. Cattle, sheep and pigs each also number over 1 billion. Currently these animals cannot evolve freely; they are selected on certain ...
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Farm animal rebellion

George Orwell published in 1945 his famous novel Animal Farm. In this novel, the animals of "The Manor Farm" decide to revolt and manage to take over the farm. However, the rebellion remains inside ...
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Would a 'silk road' type caravan butcher and prepare livestock en route?

My world geographically separates agrarian from urban centers. A large caravan (hundreds of different 'farmers') travels to the cities every harvest, to sell their goods. The caravan is over a month ...
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What is a viable method to produce food within a volcano caldera?

I'm making a medieval settlement of humans that reside very close to a volcano (and maybe venture into the caves surrounding the volcano), to the point of living in the caldera itself. The humans are ...
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In obligate carnivores, can I have animal husbandry (livestock-keeping) without farming ever developing?

This is a world without humans (so no problems with competition for space, etc.), and where the apex species is a quadruped obligate carnivore with an intelligence roughly on par with that of humans ...
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Logistics of high-quality lifestock delivery for alien megacity?

Essentially all the members of an alien species live within a single relatively sparsely inhabited megacity. The city has a surface area of about 30,000km². The species happens to be almost ...
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What would a society of humanoid carnivores be like?

Suppose a species of obligate carnivores had convergently evolved human-level intelligence and body plan. How would this affect their agriculture/food production, and would it lower their maximum ...
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How can we live off of all the food [closed]

Just today, I noticed I had some hotdog buns in my fridge that I had left over from the hogdogs I previously ate. You know, the two extra right? Well it's been 2 months since and I forgot buns so I ...
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If thunderbirds were real, how would it affect shepherds and ranchers?

My Magic System All of this stuff about my magic system is actually necessary, because I know no-one reads links provided to them and because there is magic in my world. Brief Overview of Magic ...
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How would a human livestock facility run by aliens operate?

The older man looked at the younger one. He took a deep breath and began to tell his tale, just like he was told before when he himself was that young. I've been here way longer than you, let me tell ...
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Farming in Space: SHEEP

I have got a big rotating space station (radius is 5 km and length is 30 km) which provides its occupants the luxury of full terran gravity and atmosphere. The biggest part of the cylinder's inner ...
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