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For questions related to the sets of rules set in place by organizations to govern the behaviour of the people.

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Dragons and aviation bureaucracy

Once you do the handwaving needed to explain a modern-day world with flight-capable dragons in it, how would said dragons interact with the bureaucracy surrounding flying in the modern world? What ...
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How to build a world that can still be reused if the associated work to be published is rejected?

This is a suggested question by Monica Cellio, who I want to thank for providing. I hope I kept the idea in spirit as possible. How to build a world that can still be reused if the associated work to ...
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In world with three opposing factions, what ideological, military, economic, and legal issues would arise?

A region of the galaxy is controlled by three human factions. The Empire of Excellence (faction colors are black and white) The Alliance of Freedom (faction colors are blue and white) The Union of ...
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Will politics be able to update with the future technology?

Technology is going to bring drastic changes to society. Modern politics needs serious rethinking in order to keep up with the evolving technology. In the future we will have enormous social injustice ...
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What would be an execution method in a culture glorifying strength, power and fire?

I'm currently inventing a culture based on strength and power. They believe there's a fire in everybody that gives them life and power. They glorify warriors and strength. The culture lives in an ...
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Using international waters to avoid legal punishment

I am playing with the idea of a lateral thinking puzzle based around abusing international waters to make an action 'legal'. For the sake of this question lets assume someone from the US is looking ...
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Weapon developed in modern melee only world

Let's say a global law has been passed in the year 2000 that disallows any projectile, explosive or otherwise long distance weapon or put differently, only allows variations of melee weapons. Thrown ...
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How would law enforcement be different if we could talk to the dead?

There are many application of being able to communicate with the dead but in the interests of scoping I'm interested in law enforcement and sentencing. The method would be scientifically proven ...
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3 answers

In a typical line of succession, who has priority?

My society has a typical line of succession (like the UK monarchy before a female child was given equal status). The eldest son has priority, followed by other sons, and then followed by his daughters....
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Regulating the usage of magic in the modern era

If magic were to manifest in the modern (present) age, how would first world governments attempt to classify and regulate its usage? To be more specific (and an example), if the USA created a ...
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Creating order in a settlement [closed]

What one concept/ideology is most important in a group of people to encourage them to stop acting as individuals and begin acting in the interest of the whole settlement?
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