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This tag should be used for questions that involve giant monsters, which are often created through atomic incidents. The name can be translated as "strange beast" and is a Japanese film genre.

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How to convincingly explain Kaiju

This will be a companion question for How plausible is my monster?. My previous question dealt with a story treatment for a hard science and realistic take on Kaiju/ giant monsters. While that story ...
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How would WW2-level navy deal with my "merfolk"?

The abovementioned fictional race aren't exactly merpeople from fantasy, but I call them like that just for the sake of convenience. Rather, they're semi-aquatic humanoids, who are really good at ...
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How many seconds would it take for my 20,000 ton kaiju to come to a complete stop from 15 or 30 mph?

I have a bipedal kaiju-style monster that walks upright on two legs and weighs 20,000 metric tons. Supposing, of course, that it can carry its own weight, its muscles can support the stress, and the ...
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8 votes
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City defenses against kaiju attacks?

In this series I'm mulling, kaiju have been around since prehistory, turning up off and on right up until modern times. In the near-future of this alt-history, say in the next twenty years (2040ish), ...
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Are kaiju more probable if they aren't carbon-based lifeforms?

I don't know the science involved, so I'm hoping someone else does. But is it more probable a giant creature of that size and capability would be more likely to exist if it were, say, a silicon-based ...
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