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For questions set in the East Asian island nation bearing the same name, or otherwise related to its geography, biology, or society.

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What would have happened if the USA never dropped atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? [closed]

If the USA never dropped the bombs on Japan, how different would have japan looked today? Would it look like Taiwan or would it look like Europe? What would have been Japan's technological innovation? ...
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How can the Sea of Japan be drained?

If Japan had a population boom and had to expand their land area, on a very large scale, by draining the Sea of Japan, what is the most effective way of doing so in the shortest amount of time?
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I'm looking for an event that would have accelerated the American nuclear program

I've been brainstorming this idea of America conquering the world right after World War II, during the period when USA was the only nation with the atomic bomb. I'm looking for something either ...
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How could the Empire of Japan and America be allies in WWII? [closed]

I am slowly building an alternate history story where America and the Empire of Japan are closely allied during the early 1940s instead of at war. They are so close, in fact, that Anchorage is seen as ...
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Conceptual differences between nations inspired by East-West dichotomy

I have decided to completely rewrite my question, since the original text led people to believe that I am asking about historical facts. Let's imagine a world in ancient/medieval setting populated by ...
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Could the IJA have mounted an invasion through Alaska in this alternate timeline?

In an alternate timeline, the 1867 Alaska Purchase does not happen (the British do not fight in the Crimean War and instead aid Russia financially). Russia still controls Alaska in 1904 when war ...
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Would the capability for Japan to drop a nuclear bomb on the USA have deterred the USA from dropping a nuclear bomb on Japan?

Would the USA have been deterred from dropping a nuclear bomb on Japan if Japan had the means of retaliating with a nuclear weapon in WW2? Leading on from that, would Japan have used the nuclear ...
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Plausibility of the Japanese Nekomimi

So I'm creating a world in which humans have a close sister species very similar to the Japanese Nekomimi seen in anime and manga. Eventually, the humans turn on Nekomimis, perceiving themselves as ...
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How would the existence of the Yokai phenomenon change society? [closed]

By "yokai phenomenon" I mean the way anything, anyone or even concepts/ideas can become magical, animate, sentient and possibly predatory, as commonly depicted in Japanese mythology and modern fiction....
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