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Make a tiny island robust to ecologic collapse

My world is to have a tiny island that will periodically be inhabited by a person or small group of people. By tiny I'm using a fuzzy yardstick: 1-50 hectares. When people are here, they will be ...
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Would it be possible to have a large island in the middle of the Atlantic and have it encircled by warm currents?

Let's say we would have a large island (size of Greenland) in the middle of Atlantic (yeah, Atlantis). Would it be possible to not have it facing the Gulf stream (warm) from its west side and the ...
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How much territory would a 200-450 kilogram solitary Carnivorous Dinosaur need to survive in a jungle, forest, woodland or similar environment?

I’ll give you all some context here. In, the story that I’m writing, two characters are investigating a scientist who is responsible for unethical practices or is not properly following known ...
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Why would hinder the government from reclaiming postapocalyptic US?

So I am writing the lore for a video game. It takes place on an island, near the Western Coast. It has been 20 years since the zombie apocalypse and 10 years since the government started reclaiming ...
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Why would people finance the construction of a scientific headquarters on a remote island?

In the book I will soon attempt to write, a mysterious company will finance the construction of elaborate headquarters on a remote island somewhere in the South Pacific. The island The island in ...
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Where are villages usually placed?

Do villages always live next to or near mountains? I live in a country where villages are still around, however the only ones I know off are placed near mountains. My intention is to: Write a village ...
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A continent sized land formation on a water planet with impassable mountains all around the edges and a salty sea in the middle

In order for the plot and character development I have planned to work the people need to be living on an island continent about 200,000km (England/New Zealand/Japan size, but oval/round shaped) with ...
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How big animals could survive on an island the size of Madagascar

I've been making a story about an lost world island, roughly the size of Madagascar, (593.40 km²). I have currently estimated that I could have herbivorous animals up to 3 tons in weight (sauropods) , ...
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Barren Rock: Habitable?

I was roleplaying with my siblings, and one of them had selected the Shaman Class I devised. A Shaman's power over the elements comes from their connection to said elements, so their place of origin ...
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How does one hide a floating island in the sky from anyone below looking up?

So, floating islands are a pretty common trope at least in the media I've consumed, and one thing that sort of stands out - oftentimes, they're meant to be a reveal to a larger world (Either as part ...
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