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How would a creatures brain anatomy evolve to avoid brain damage?

I’m trying to create a horned creature that uses its head to head-butt much like a ram, but I’m curious about what kind of evolutionary trait would need to come about to greatly reduce the chance for ...
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Would an active-duty modern US special forces soldier be able to have retained foreign bodies from previous injuries?

I'm working on a character for my story. He is an active-duty US Army Ranger performing combat missions. I would like him to have had a previous injury suffered in the line of duty in which foreign ...
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what would the order of most-dangerous to least-dangerous body parts to be injured be [closed]

I am trying to make a realistic shooter game. Every body part has a certain blood loss modifier. It's basically a modifier that lets me set how much more dangerous injuries to certain body parts are. ...
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What level of Endurance does a player have to have to shrug off a 9mm round from a pistol? [closed]

Weird one, but here we go. Setting: -A modern world, with the same laws of physics/same materials, weapons, etc. -The player is a normal human. Think baseline average American citizen that has a ...
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What is the likelihood of you remembering how to fight after your brain was pierced by a skull shattering projectile spear if it was regenerated?

The enemy boss just threw a spear at you, you tried animation cancelling to iframe and dodge the projectile spear but your finger slipped off the controller and now you've got a spear piercing your ...
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Would it be biologically advantageous for a vampire that doesn't need that much blood to lick away skin in order to extract it, rather than bite?

Let's say that there's a vampire that doesn't need much blood per day - something like a teaspoon. Instead of deriving nutrition from it, they need it for its antibodies, so that their nonfunctional ...
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Where would people with magic blood cut to shed the most blood but cause the least harm?

There are characters in my world who have magic blood that they frequently need to shed for various reasons, including but not limited to - during combat to try to get it on their enemies for some ...
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Would fire/heat powers be actually dangerous?

In a duel, one of the fighter is a fire mage who is capable of producing heat surges in a wave-like pattern. There are flames coming along with it, but it's purely for aethestics and has no physical ...
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Most painful/slow way to kill somebody by throwing off a building? [closed]

Let's say that a modern dictatorship wants to publicily execute somebody by repeatedly pushing him off a building. However, as we all know from stories of people jumping off skyscrapers, death might ...
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