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Questions tagged [inequality]

Any questions pertaining to inequality and class division in a civilized society, be it economic, social, educational or even biological.

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Does technological advance necessarily start a war between men and women in a dystopian future? [closed]

Technology of the future is likely to remove the differences of possessing power, strength and resources between genders. Moreover, it is likely that one gender becomes completely independent on ...
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How many votes should a solar system sized AI get in a galactic democracy? [closed]

In a setting where there is a multispecies Galactic Democracy with Proportional Representation that has expanded with the rule of giving one vote to any individual, how should they deal with a Machine ...
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How do I determine which areas of my empire would be richest and poorest? [closed]

In my book series, the Aurean Empire spans an entire Earth-sized world called Aurea (however, all of the landmass is on the southern hemisphere, so only that part is inhabited). Overall, the planet's ...
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How to Build a Stable Dystopia

I have an immortal, magically powerful character who has decided that he's had enough of the world's suffering. He therefore sets out to unify every society in the world into a single whole with a ...
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Laws between humans and anthropomorphic dragons (WIP / Questions) [closed]

I am currently creating a society for a short CG film. My main character is a young a,thropomorphic dragon living in the same standards as humans (as you can see on the image). I would have wanted to ...
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Could there be complete equality at some point in the future?

So in my story there is only one major advanced city left in the world, and it is incredibly diverse. I would imagine that over time (it has existed for around 800 years) there would be considerable ...
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Removing racism on a multi raced world [closed]

The continent is inhabited by 2 sentient races that coexist with each other. Humans and elves. One empire expanded and annexed the continent. Now the empire want to make a meritocratic society that ...
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How to enforce an international ban on the use of human enhancement to one's advantage?

So, technology has become available to enhance human abilities, legislators and the public want to make sure people cannot use this to their advantage. If someone applies these enhancements later in ...
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What would be the effects of a system where children of uneducated parents won't be allowed to study? [closed]

In my educational system, there is one simple rule: you can't attain an education level higher than that of your parents. If they have A levels, you get A levels. If they have a high school diploma, ...
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