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Questions tagged [illusion]

For questions about deceptive visuals that are not what they appear to be.

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I have AIs in people's heads. One AI is mischievous. What is a subtle way the AI can mess with its user? [closed]

As it stands currently, there are some people in my world with a neural interface, that replaces one of their eyes. And an AI connects to it. Details aside, the AI can: Read the user's mind Speak to ...
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Can it be called an 'illusion' if it can change things? [closed]

In a sci-fi book that I am still to write, can I use the word 'illusion' to denote extreme cases of mind trickery where such an 'illusion' can alter things and space around, example: people are able ...
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How would a holographic “touch-screen” work?

Throughout science-fiction, from Star Wars to sundry others, we see characters manipulate holographic images as if they were solid objects; shaping them, tapping them, manipulating them like some kind ...
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Battlefield applications for illusory powers? [closed]

Someone is capable of bending light to create illusions with conscious thought. They must concentrate to create an illusion, and larger illusions (larger than a human) are incredibly taxing on the ...
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If the blindfold on a healthy old man that was never removed since birth is taken down, would the man recognize what he saw? [closed]

I know our brain somehow managed to upright the inverted images our eyes sees, also there's tons of optical illusions out there that are based on what we knew and experienced. Then if those so called ...
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Nanomachines and deception are the essence of magic, how can I explain meteor showers and similar large-scale weather spells?

So, dragons have access to this thing, called word magic. Word-magic spells are typically need way more energy and processing power than regular magic, they also have nasty cool-down times. A dragon ...
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Tactical illusion combat countermeasures (password system)

I'm directing a small team of highly skilled, intelligent operatives to raid a top secret research facility. Unfortunately, our reconnaissance has revealed that not only is this secure facility ...
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How Weaponizable Are Optical Illusions Without Camouflage?

I'm playing around with the concept of a society that is built around optical illusions. This society would heavily incorporate these illusions into their architecture and their very way of life. As ...
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How many years before enough atoms of your body are replaced to survive the sudden disappearance of the original body’s atoms?

A magician summons a person to the material world to be their servant. Their body is not made from true atoms per se, but is some kind of force projection. In most ways though, they act as a person ...
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How to effectively convince a populace living in a dome, that they're experiencing a spaceship landing?

I have a population living in a dome, and they have been for generations, totally sealed off from the outside world. What type of engineering would need to be in place to effectively convince the ...
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Could time flow differently​ in full-immersion virtual realities? [closed]

In a society where full-immersion virtual reality is common, how much more of a hurdle would it be to trick the mind into accepting a different passage of time? For example; you enter a virtual ...
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What kind of supernatural powers don't break the masquerade?

I'm designing a world a of supernatural beings loosely based on Christianity/Judaism as described in Naming the forces of the Purgatory? who visit Earth without humans being aware of them. They ...
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How can citizens prevent brainwashing?

I need to identify a way citizens can prevent brainwashing, or acertain a level of clarity about reality when propaganda is abundant. What systems exist that would allow for a sincere search for ...
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Realistic controlled illusion

Using pre-industrial era technology how does an intelligent creature create the perfect illusion that reproduces vision,sound and touch sensations and make them seem perfectly ''real'' from the ...
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How to fight enemy you can't concentrate your eyesight on?

Few weeks ago my wife have bought a dress with crazy texture. (See picture). After few minutes watching her in this dress, I have a headache and feel dizzy. I think there is something in it's image'...
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