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Dam in the Mediterranean

I am looking to write a story where part of the Atlantropa project goes through. Now I know about all the issues with it: the soil is covered in salt and unusable, it raises sea level in other places, ...
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Are there any ways to move rainfall in the oceans to land?

The Earths oceans receive more precipitation than the land. Much of this precipitation happens in ecological dead zones such as the central pacific, southern Indian Ocean etc. So the precipitation ...
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Blowing Up the Aswan Dam: How Many People Get Flooded? [closed]

Let's say in some war scenario, an enemy of Egypt decides to fire a missile which can crack the Aswan High Dam. How many Egyptians would become casualties? You can interpret that to include people ...
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Water flow in faults [closed]

Can water flow from a point 1200 meters above sea level, through fissures or faults below sea level for a distance of 8 km and follow the fault upwards to a point 300 meters above sea level?
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Ringstadt: Getting sulphur into my water

You sure lad? For some of you folks normal beer is already an acquired taste, but this... this beer definitely is. You understand that this stuff is brewed with water from the devil's choke? You know, ...
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Ringstadt: How sensible is my topography?

Look at you all sitting here. Quite some of you have probably never ventured beyond the outskirts of this city, mayhaps not even past the wall? You've spent your whole lives in this place, but what do ...
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