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This tag should be used for questions about fictional insects forming a normal hive or a hive-mind.

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Could a hive mind work for a non-insectoid species?

I have a terminte/winged ant based insectoid species, but it doesn’t fit in well with the rest of the universe. I was reading the Darksaber book by Kevin Anderson and thought that the Taurills were a ...
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How can a hive mind secretly monetize its special ability to make lots of money?

TLDR: How can a 100-strong hive mind utilise our superpower in order to generate \$1billion as fast possible? All 100 of us share a common mind and can think as one. Instant, undetectable, thought ...
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How would caste system benefits population of hive mind?

Unlike bee population whereby the worker bee or scout bee feedback news through a complex domino style network to inform the rest of their community and then the queen bee(s) will still be busy ...
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Why would a person be predisposed for joining an animal hive mind?

Imagine a supercolony of bees (I'm using bees as a metaphor; they're not really bees) which are the constituents of a massive globe-spanning hive mind. The government wishes to exploit this ...
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A Vietnam-war era flamethrower vs an intelligent swarm of roaches? [closed]

I’ve heard that roaches were pretty resilient, so resilient that they could survive a nuclear apocalypse. In my world, these hyper intelligent roaches act like a sort of “hivemind” species with up to ...
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What if God in my world was like Immortal microbes/germs with hive mind? [closed]

I have been sitting on this one for a while. I decided to probe this a bit further and make it the world for my next work. I think there are several parallels you could draw between this and our ...
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5 answers

Living nests for insects - Part 1: Optimal Hive shape

I've been playing with the idea of living nests for insects for a while now to help populate my worlds. The idea is that they don't build a static nest out of wood pulp and other material but have a ...
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3 answers

How would one communicate with the hive mind of the human race? [closed]

Imagine each human is like a neuron in a brain. Then the totality of all humans communicating together would create some kind of hive mind. But a single neuron isn't "aware" of the mind of the brain ...
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How could a hive-mind without true individuals create technology?

Imagine a species in which the ego never developed. There is no self-direction. This species is always making noise, however, and it is through this noise that the society itself experiences the ...
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Factors Promoting Eusociality? [duplicate]

What scenarios would promote a species, especially a mammalian one, to evolve to be more eusocial? What kind of advantages would a eusocial species have over a non-eusocial species?
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Eusocial Humanoids?

How could a humanoid race and/or a human subspecies develop eusocial behavior? It's more common in insects like bees, but the naked mole rat is a eusocial mammal, so it's possible, any thoughts on the ...
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What kind of training would a person have to go through to withstand a hive mind [closed]

In my fantasy world, certain people have the chance to consume a certain essence that gives them magical abilities when consumed. This essence gives them the ability to insert a piece of their "spirit"...
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3 answers

What can go wrong with hive mind? [closed]

Once upon a time, the grandson of mad scientist found a notebook and a couple of ampoules with gray goo in his basement. Promises of a perfect society where no lies, crime or corruption exists were on ...
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How does a colony of sentient cockroaches communicate and establish diplomacy with humans?

In multiple regions of Earth, cockroaches developed sentience by means of a natural virus with mutagenic genes. A long time ago one such colony made its home inside a house of a scientist. The colony ...
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How to keep a hive-mind from being jammed?

First post here so hopefully I'm asking this right. I checked to make sure there wasn't an answer out there already and didn't see anything, Either way... I've got a species that can't communicate ...
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Does a Hive-Mind imply faster than light travel? Can a Hive-Mind function without FTL communication? [closed]

Not sure if I should break this into two questions, but they are closely related. A hive mind is usually depicted as being able to communicate instantly across vast distances. However, the scientific ...
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Does a hive mind race need a written language?

Imagine that human beings in a parallel world evolved with hive mind, so that they can communicate telepathically almost instantly at infinite range. To put thoughts into writing requires effort and ...
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How would criminal justice works today if humans evolved hive mind? [closed]

Say the early humans not only invented tools but they also evolved swarm intelligence, think of the behavior in shoal of fish and swarms of bees. Now fast forward to the present day, there is a ...
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Could Wasps and Ants reach the stone age?

In my world, a group of scientists prepare for the "inevitable" extinction of man by manufacturing* true, efficient, social(1) hive minds from Order Hymenoptera, specifically from the wasp waist ...
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Advanced alien insect long range communication

I'm looking to create a highly advanced insect communication network that could be broadcast on an interplanetary basis. Now, my insects communicate through chemical signals and smells which they ...
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