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Support Equipment for a Time Machine

Okay, the time machine itself is science fiction. I've got some handwavium about transformation of Einsteinian equations and unconventional polarization of electromagnetic frequencies and so forth. ...
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Would 1000 glass cannons made out of sapphire be invincible throughout the 13th century AD?

This is the same material used in luxury watches to prevent scratches, it is called sapphire glass and now I am planning to donate 1000 units of these scratch-resistant glass cannons to assist the ...
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How could Mao Zedong have won the Chinese Civil War before 1931?

I'm aware of the history of the Chinese Civil War, from the First and Second United Fronts formed to combat the warlords and Empire of Japan respectively between 1927-1945, but I'm curious if there ...
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Why would sacrificial ritual of virgin maidens appease the dragon of calamity? [closed]

Set in the Han Dynasty, Emperor User6760 together with his trusted subjects would be busy preparing the grand sacrificial ceremony which is held once every 76 years, Ok cut the crap version: a dragon ...
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Why would an omniscient immortal needs to record history?

There is a powerful entity, omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent that came into existence since Big Bang. The entity do not interfere with the order of the nature but to observe it unwinds in the ...
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What unexplained historical events or disasters could a kaiju have been responsible for?

I am currently exploring the idea of writing an SF / alternate history series that inserts kaijus into historical events. Specifically, I'm looking for unexplained or strange historical events that ...
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