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What would be the best material to make gauntlets out of? [closed]

If a character trained to fight like a boxer wanted to bring weighted gauntlets to combat in a fantasy setting what material would be the best to do so with? Something heavy to increase the mass on ...
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A smart way to ground yourself to help a person who is being shocked by electricity [closed]

:) I am currently planning a scene for my fantasy novel that involves electricity. I'm unsure if regular electricity with its properties known to us works in the context of my magical world or if I ...
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How practical would it be to use a handgun-knife hybrid weapon?

I am writing a character for a tabletop rpg campaign in an high fantasy world which is starting a magitech revolution. She is a secret service operative and I was thinking of giving her this hybrid ...
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18 votes
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How can I design a benevolent, all-powerful deity, and still have a society with day-to-day issues?

I've made a fantasy world with its own nations, a magic system, and in-world politics. Leading this world is a benevolent god that has been nurturing humanity for roughly a thousand years. Long enough ...
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what deal would a ruler strike with a god of another nation? [closed]

I have a story, where a monarchy of elves fights against an empire of humans because the humans are logging their holy forest. Inside the empire there is a region populated by a tribe that is fighting ...
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2 answers

How do you justify Adventurers being multiple [Character Classes] instead of everyone being Generalists in fantasy settings? [closed]

Someday I want to write a fantasy book wherein the MC is a solo adventurer or something similar, thing is when it comes to those types I notice they’re almost all the same…ability/skill-wise ...
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What kind of magic could people able to manipulate the 4th dimension do? [closed]

In this world with renaissance-like technology wizards are able to "feels" creases in the 3D space and manipulate space in ways limited to their understanding of the 4D (wich is still not ...
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Is There Any Reason for a High Fantasy civilization to use Stable Higher-Generation Matter

So, in the process of developing a magic system, I have come up with an ability and I don't know why any mage would want to use it. Basically, some mages can control radioactive decay, and what that ...
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To what uses would adamant, a rare stone-like material that is literally unbreakable, be put? [closed]

The fantasy setting has (the typical) medieval-level ordinary technology with magic use being a rare craft (although few are completely insensitive to magic — theoretically able to use it — most have ...
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How does the world rebuild after an apocalypse? [closed]

140 years ago, the world was nearly torn apart as rifts to other realms sprung up across the continent. Former societies of elves, humans, dwarves, halflings, and more were devastated, and now new ...
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3 answers

Would a character who got burned as a baby, with a third degree burn in one arm lose mobility in that arm?

The story would be set in a sort of medieval period, and the character in present day would be about 16 years old.
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1 vote
6 answers

Star that creates millions of galaxies through a massive coronal mass ejection. Does this make any sense? [closed]

I want to base my novel off of the idea of a star creating millions of galaxies from a gigantic coronal mass ejection. Due to this it spawns the void which threatens to absorb the entirety of space, ...
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Necessary Conditions for Fantastically Large Mountain Range

Desire: In my world, I would like to have a (potentially unreasonably) large mountain range that is so large both in height and width that it is both entirely impassable, and disappears into the ...
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