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For questions about a congregation of a specific or mixed species that are kept for a similar purpose. The purpose being to breed for meat(or similar food substance), a substance the species can biologically generate and that is in some sort of demand or for labour.

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14 votes
6 answers

My cows lactate oil instead of milk, how do I stop them from igniting?

Starting off, these domesticated herbivores, much like cows, exist on a terrestrial world 15-20% larger than Earth. With a higher gravity of 11.2 G, Earth-like atmosphere, and if it existed in our ...
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30 votes
7 answers

How much smarter would bred humans become?

I'm building a setting in a fictional Latin American country which is under military rule. The junta starts a breeding program in the late 40's with help from unscrupulous escaped Nazi scientists. ...
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17 votes
4 answers

What qualities are necessary for an effective herd creature?

What qualities about a land-dwelling creature are absolutely necessary to maintain an effective herd of that creature for food and/or resources? Assume this is an earth-like environment.
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