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Questions tagged [hardcopy]

Discussions regarding data storage by non-electronic means

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3 answers

Data Storage and Access during a Slow Apocalypse

The end when it came, came slowly... cracks slowly appeared in the world's economy as the endless quarterly search for increases in growth started running against the hard limits of the world's actual ...
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What could happen if letters were banned in written form? [closed]

I am looking for all kinds of problems that would result from the global ban on alphabet letters (characters) in written form, this includes diacritics and other foreign characters. A global ban, that ...
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6 votes
11 answers

Anti-Photography Technology?

Are there any current or emerging technologies that would make it difficult to copy documents? I've looked for things, but I've mostly found technology for preventing making authentic-looking ...
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19 votes
6 answers

How to manage world building information?

You've gone through the process of world building and generated scads of information from important Universal Forces to interesting tidbits of local history. What methods of storing world building ...
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