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How to calculate the expected rotational speed of a star

I am working on fictional stars, and I want to have as many points about them as I can, and most things I found relatively easy, except for rotational speed. I am not sure exactly how to find at what ...
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On Habitable Moon Systems

Context I was working on a habitable gas giant moon, but I came across an issue in that, at the acceptable distances from its parent planet (10-20 planetary Radii, according to an Artefexian video on ...
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How much difference would Alpha Centauri A cause to the climate of a planet about Alpha Centauri B?

Imagine an earthlike planet in the habitable zone of Alpha Centauri B. Call it ACBc (although I am not sure ACBb has been confirmed). When ACA and ACB are closest to one another, they are about 11 AU ...
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Plausible altitude for my planet's ring?

The numbers come (relative to Earth and the Sun respectively unless indicated otherwise) as follows: Planet: Mass: 1,32 Radius: 1,24 Gravity: 0,86 Density: 0,69 Semi-major axis: 1,24 Escape velocity: ...
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What would the seasonal patterns be like on this world?

Here's the set up on this system I have: The sun is .99 solar mass, .97 luminosity. The world in question has the following orbital parameters: Dist: 1.253 AU Orbital Period: 1.41 (rel. to Earth) ...
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Plate Tectonics/Geology on Carbon Planets

After researching on and off for a few months, I thought I had how a Carbon Planet would work down right, up to and including an ammonia-based xenobiology, but a video I saw today got me wondering if ...
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If you Broke Mars' Perclorates and Benzenes How Much of an Atmosphere Would this Create?

Much of Mars is inimical to human life. While there are many problems I would like to focus on three: The low density atmosphere does not provide the pressure needed to sustain humans outside of a ...
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How long would my pseudo-aurorae be visible?

I have asked questions like this before, relating to a phenomenon on my planet that is called pseudo-aurorae. Background X-rays of the [O VII] forbidden line in my star are constantly forming due to ...
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