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For questions regarding waves of gravity, which travel through space-time at the speed of light.

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When does a gravitational wave beam become dangerous?

A follow-up on this old question. If you've got ridiculous amounts of energy to play with, and not much reaction mass, a photon rocket is the way to go for moving your spaceship--it gives you the best ...
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How would an active Alcubierre Drive effect the shape of an ship's explosion?

I have a scene where a fleet of ships activates thier Alcubierre Type Warp Drives to flee from an enemy fleet, but unlike many sci-fi settings where a warp drive instantly pushes you up to ...
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Possible methods to convert gravitational waves into storable energy?

I had an idea for my story for an advanced civilization to capitalize on possibly the most energetic events in their universe which is the merger of supermassive blackholes. From current observations ...
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What would the gravitational wave signature of an Alcubierre drive look like?

I can imagine the proliferation of Alcubierre drives in the distant future, which would distort space so it takes the shape of a Mexican hat in 4D map. I am wondering, what would the gravitation wave ...
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How to weaponize gravitational waves

In the future, defensive technology has advanced so much that weapons strong enough to kill an enemy soldier tend to cause unacceptable collateral damage. Sure, we can make a weapon that generates ...
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Can data be sent using Gravitational Waves across solar systems?

According to wiki, The speed of gravitational waves in the general theory of relativity is equal to the speed of light in a vacuum Not bad enough to send data (message or information) to other ...
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7 votes
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Gravitational observatories vs. teleporting aliens

Let`s suppose there is an alien supercivilization whose interstellar vessel has «exited hyperspace» in a close proximity of the Earth (i.e. a certain volume of physical space only filled with vacuum ...
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Seeing Using Gravitational Waves [duplicate]

I know that humans' eyes are adapted to detect some electromagnetic waves, and their ears are able to detect sound waves. What I would like to ask is: Is it plausible for a species to biologically ...
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Would it be possible to ride a gravitational wave?

I'd like to travel really really fast, and I've got some scientists proposing a novel new way of doing so. They've developed the technology to generate extremely powerful controlled gravitational ...
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Could a species evolve a biological gravitational wave detector?

With technology it is possible to detect Gravitational waves as Gravitational waves have been detected by LIGO. Could a species evolve to have a sense organ for detecting Gravitational waves? What ...
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Would the gravitational waves from a binary black hole system make a feasible weapon?

Backstory: Okay, so we have decided to wage war on numahs for the macguffenite. We mostly are doing things like shooting lasers at each other ships, and occasionally shooting high velocity projectiles ...
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