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For questions that deal with abnormally large organisms, often large humanoids.

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What evolutionary pressures would lead to Canis major?

In my world, there is a species of canid named Canis major, commonly named giant wolves or giant coyotes or giant dogs (the name was based on a famous constellation). They are the world's largest ...
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3 answers

How far from a habitable planet must a red giant star be to not seriously affect it?

Can a habitable planet having complex life exist in a binary star system with a Red Giant? I am not talking about close binaries, but distant binaries (100 AU or more). Planets can orbit some smaller ...
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1 answer

Would my giants still have a functioning appendix?

In my world, there is a species from the Homo genus named Homo gigas. They are commonly called giants. They are as massive as polar bears, and they never stop growing like kangaroos. They have seal-...
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How would about a dozen 50 ft to 1,400 ft (approx. 15 m to 430 m) giants wandering around a continent affect seismic activity?

8 of the giants would be around 50-100 ft (15-30 m) and only one would be 1,400 ft (430 m), the other three would be about 500-800 ft (152-243 m). Let's say that they are somehow remarkably light for ...
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13 answers

What sort of strategies would a medieval military use against a fantasy giant?

This is in regards to a story I'm writing, where the two main characters are a human girl and her giant companion. They're both outlaws with the giant being seen as an outright monster by the vast ...
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What sounds could a (~15ft humanoid) Giant make? [duplicate]

The first question of what will likely be a kind of "mini series" of giant-related questions I have! TL;DR - creating a giant race. Average height is approximately 15ft, they are intelligent ...
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1 answer

How does the time to die from venom change for very large organisms?

Let's say that an untreated snakebite kills a human in 2-3 days. Now consider a much larger mammal, such as a blue whale. If a proportional amount (equal chance of lethality) of the same venom was ...
7 votes
2 answers

What environmental conditions would cause large humans to evolve?

For most of our evolutionary history, we did indeed live in Africa - but not just the eastern savannahs, as previously thought: our biological ancestors were distributed everywhere from Morocco to the ...
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1 answer

How many minis would it take to kill a unarmed/lightly armed giant, given the minis have roughly medieval tech? [closed]

Let us say medieval tech level mini people/humanoids trained for combat need to kill an unarmed/lightly armed(stick/rocks), average, untrained human/giant for some reason, maybe it is attacking the ...
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3 answers

Is there any sort of natural mechanism that would explain why my giants are taller or shorter depending on how many horns they have?

So I've got a species of humanoid giants in the setting. Each individual has their own set of horns, between 1 and 5, that extend from their forehead. The horns determine their adult height, with ...
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What would a gaint make it's house out of

For one the giant is much bigger than a normal human, To be precise about 110,000 feet tall and about 500 feet wide. Because of their size what would be some reliable things to make their houses and ...
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3 answers

How durable would a kaiju-sized human be?

I am writing a story that centres around a person who slowly grows larger and larger overtime, to the point of kaiju-size and beyond. They grow due to magic, so other than their vastly increased size ...
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2 answers

Is this giant realistic?

Okay, I have an humanoid giant that’s 50 feet, or 15.2 m, tall. If we were to scale an 1.7-m tall, 60-kg individual up to that size, they would have a mass of 43.2 tonnes. The proportional strength of ...
6 votes
3 answers

Low gravity planet, giant creatures?

I want to create a planet that has: Low gravity. Giant creatures (not quite Godzilla sized, but bigger than Dinosaurs). Human explorers should be able to jump incredibly high there, maybe even fly/...