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For questions about rocks, minerals and the physical structure and substance of the world.

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Would a diamond mountain floating in the mantle cause a supervolcano or lava pool in the crust above it?

I was looking for ways to make gigantic mountains, and found Willk's answer to such a quandary, where a giant diamondberg forms in an ice giant and is incorporated into a terrestrial planet's crust, ...
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How would the coastlines of a chemical sea on a planet with extreme winds form?

On one of my pet projects, there is a chemical sea similar to the Black Sea if it had the saline content of Lake Natron; extreme density of chemicals in the soil and from vents. It's about the size of ...
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What's stopping other rock layers from creating a karst-like landscape?

Context I've reread a part of a book about geochemistry and it reminded me that just about any element can dissolve in water if the pH is right. Later an examples of aluminium or iron dissolving en ...
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