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A condition of an organism in which episodic memory is passed from parents to children through genetic material.

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Can migration be planted into an animal's instincts by humans

So animals will migrate for many different reasons and I wondered if humans could take a species (example:rabbits) that doesn't migrate, and somehow make it develop a yearly migration pattern without ...
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Inherited memories to rebuild a fallen civilisation

So, humans have achieved interstellar flight and colonised a distant planet. They have terraformed this world, and now they are beginning to build their first cities. However, a Neo-Luddite faction ...
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How would childhood be affected by the fact that babies are born with the knowledge of an average adult?

My question is simple: In a world where babies are born with the knowledge of an average adult, what would happen to the childhood of the child? For example, how would this affect the learning of ...
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