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For questions about recreational activities, commonly but not always involving competitive elements. Compare [sports].

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How do my enemy robots' weapons not kill my characters?

I’m working on a story-driven game, and I have an aspect of my game I need to create a lore-based explanation for. In this game humans are battling highly advanced robots. These robots are heavily ...
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What is a good way to make an abstract board game truly alien?

Necessary background info: So I made a hard(ish, there is FTL but it's fairly restricted and that's about it in terms of scientific implausibility) science fiction worldbuild. There is the "Oval&...
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Playing cards in zero-g

Suppose there is a wandering starship that travels between the stars, bringing blackjack and hookers to every wormhole it crosses. This casino is like any other on a planet or station, except it ...
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How could a real life apocalypse game draw in most people?

A supreme being has finished their renovations of modern day Earth, and has now decided what is needed is monsters, epic quests, magical powers, danger, excitement, and all. However, they also don't ...
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What is the point of introducing puzzles into tomb design if you don't want anyone to disturb whatever hidden?

My family comes from a long line of well known tomb designers and my spouse is a part time tomb raider, we really are a perfect match! I explained to my spouse that a tomb is a very sacred place for ...
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space combat for a BTE 4x game game [closed]

l am currently writing a game - I'm making a racing table top game with high tech weapons. What's a weapon that would shoot through people that isn't just a high powered cannon? It doesn't have to be ...
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How would closing borders and supply routes affect market prices? [closed]

This was originally posted in Role Playing Games but they felt it was better posted here (this will be used for D&D 5e, some people thought it might be relevant.) I'm developing a world where ...
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Would the "Rule Lawyers" pen-and-paper game be feasible? [closed]

Anri (DM): All right, new turn! Gyvaris (in-character): DM, I believe that Viri was using hearsay as evidence, which is inadmissible. Viri (in-character): Actually, it's not hearsay if you aren't ...
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Good games for gods [closed]

Imagine a race of all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful, eternal gods. It can get pretty boring. You'll be perfect at any hobby you take up. If you play each other at chess, you will immediately know ...
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How to perform important transactions over vast distances?

I asked a similar question on the History Stack Exchange, but it was suggested I might get better feedback here. How can you guarantee atomicity of a transaction in a high-latency system? High-latency ...
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GM SPORTS: A species designed for playing TENNIS [duplicate]

The year is [Random number between 2100 and 3000]. I own a state-of-the-art GM laboratory with capacities to create any possible species, almost like in Spore Creature Creator. For my own amusement, I ...
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GM SPORTS: A species designed for GOLF

The year is [Random number between 2100 and 3000]. I own a state-of-the-art GM laboratory with capacities to create any possible species, almost like in Spore Creature Creator. For my own amusement, I ...
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How to adapt the Royal and Ancient Game to Zero-G?

Golf depends on friction, which eventually stops a rolling ball. Air friction seems to not be enough for a golf course that consists of 18 holes with a total length of 1-2 kilometers. This is not the ...
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Dungeon Reset: Where Do All the Bodies Go?

Dungeons and the System Shortly after the year 20XX, portals connected to extra-dimensional dungeons appear in the most densely populated areas on Earth. Chaos ensues as dungeon monsters spill out in ...
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Explanation of Game-Balancing Mechanics for Creature "Types"

I'm working on a creature-capture/battling game (think Pokemon for the genre, but nothing trademarked and a more adult tone), and it will be story-centric. Background of the World Gemini is a nation ...
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How can one infect/shutdown a Virtual Reality game using technology?

For a lack of better words, I’m looking for technical ways for a person to shutdown an entire VRMMORPG (Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) from afar. And by shutting down ...
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In a more advanced society that experiences incursions by monsters, do you think weapons such as guns would cost more or less the same as our society?

I'm in the middle of creating my own role-play game set in a fantasy/sci-fi setting where the society is attacked fairly regular by monsters and the like; Due to this I'm having trouble with the ...
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Playing boules... IN SPACE!

Boules is a range of relative games played with small, heavy steel balls thrown on a court, such as the French Petanque and Italian Bocce. While there is variation between games in terms of how and ...
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Can a religious order keep the peace between nations with sacrificial games? [duplicate]

This world takes place in a continent with advanced 20th century technology. The one key difference from our reality is that war does not exist in the way we would think of it. Disputes between states ...
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A game to outplay Death? [closed]

Sometimes, when someone dies with things left undone, Death will be willing to play a game for the opportunity to come back to life. However, there are several reasons why you'd expect not to be able ...
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Resource from enemy space ships as currency [closed]

I am developing a space ship game (where you fight against enemy space ships) and want to consider which resource should be used as game currency. In comparison to classic fantasy/medieval universe ...
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Threats within 100 light years

So I'm making this game where the player has to launch probes into interstellar space within a 100 * 100 light years map to detect threats that could wipe out humanity in a few decades. Everything is ...
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How to reveal that one friend is a hallucination without revealing which one? [closed]

So, I'm working on a video game wherein there's a lot of supernatural stuff "legitimately" going on around the player, but the player character is also schizophrenic, and realizes as much. So what's ...
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I travel back in time: how could I know when I landed?

Today a weird guy with a pointy hat offered me and my friends to play a game: We will all travel back in time, to a random date somewhen from the antiquity to modern times. We will have a limited ...
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What happens to an object when it passes through a portal? [closed]

As in the game Portal, if we create two portals on two different surfaces and then join the two surfaces with the portals facing each other, as soon as an object passes through one of them, what would ...
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When Super Mario catches Pokemon, and the Yoshi dinosaur is none other than Charizard! [closed]

I am trying to build a world where many video/mobile game characters will share the same space and time. For example, our own Super Mario trying to catch pokemon and save princess from dinosaur ...
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How would you realistically set up bat racing on an island?

One of my main characters lives on an island where people bet on bat races. My story is set up so that bats are domesticated and race one another in dark caves. The bats would use echo location to ...
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What would convince people to solve disputes with a deadly card game?

Let's consider that the card game needs to be played, and equipment that may even kill you if you lose (via blades, electric shocks or the like, it could also even kill people by summoning ...
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What Competition Could Feasibly Exist on a Trade-Focused Island Chain? [closed]

I'm designing a city in a fantasy setting that is built on a fairly tight island chain of seven islands. This island chain is located at a crossroads of several major powers, and they produce very ...
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Unmarkable cards

There is a popular high-stakes card game. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, it's impossible to get out a new pack of cards for each round. The same cards must be used throughout. This game would of ...
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In a post-apocalyptic world why would the survivors build bases instead of just using the abandoned buildings to live in? [closed]

I'm making a survival game and a question popped up on how would I "in-game-explain" to the player that they can't just board up an abandoned building and call it home, but instead they have to gather ...
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Why do my players want kittens? [closed]

I'm designing a board game based on this old riddle: As I was going to St. Ives I met a man with seven wives. Each wife had seven sacks; Each sack had seven cats; Each cat had seven kits. Kits, cats, ...
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Why would a society base the merits of a person by the abilities of another?

Background: I've come up with this strange world where everyone has a dependent of sorts. Like a child but they live within another dimension. Think like a game avatar but they live their own lives ...
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I'm designing a magic system and need some help [closed]

I have been trying to design a magic system for a while now that I'm going to base a project off. And I'm having a bit of trouble. I want the system to be applicable to the creation of an entire world ...
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How might a game have made its way from China or India to the Mediterranean in the ancient world?

This is in regards to "The Secret History of [M]", a reputedly ancient game with a disputed origin, and am thus looking especially for references involving m words. Q: How might a game have made it's ...
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How would society be different in a world with RPG elements? [closed]

It would be a world that parallels our own on quite a few aspects. There would be roughly 500 different stats for every person (standard stats like strength, intelligence, luck, and also ones like ...
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What kind of games could we send to aliens?

Or vice versa. Let's assume humanity or some equally advanced intelligent species discovers life, or even a plethora of life, out amongst the stars, and decides that they want to make contact to see ...
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D&D Campaign - Closing off a Mountain Pass with Explosives

I am writing my second D&D 5e home-brewed campaign. As with most D&D campaigns, this is set in medieval (like) times. In this adventure, the party is sent to aid a new settlement from a ...
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Designing fictional non-competitive games

I'm creating a story set in a peaceful society. The society is actually very strict about being peaceful, to the point where they don't even play games involving competition. But at the same time, ...
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What games could an alien play with us? [closed]

After a satisfyingly traditional evening of watching videos of cats doing silly things on a popular video sharing website, I started to think... While we play 'games' with our pets, generally these ...
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The affect of someone's mental reaction timing in a simulated or virtual reality [closed]

When playing an RPG game, it often becomes clear that reaction time can significantly raise a player's ability to accomplish, even if they are a lower level player. Similarly, a game that is played ...
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What games would young gods enjoy as "referees"? [closed]

My "gods" are actually people. However they have access to tech that grants them the ability to do almost anything they wish, plus they have various mind enhancements, so there is little difference ...
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Implications of total virtual reality immersion for gaming [closed]

There is an entire anime/manga genre that deals with MMORPGs (massive multiplayer online roleplaying games) in a total virtual reality. Examples are Sword Art Online, 1/2 Prince, and Moonlight ...
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Game physics in the real world

In many games the characters, particularly the main character, has weird physics. I want to know how these things could happen in real life and whether current technology could make it happen. This ...
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Demand for the Simple Games

In a world of magic/superpowers, would there be any demand for sports or games that didn't use magic? Magic here can be though of as a science and is mostly accessible to people who want to learn, but ...
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A set of rules for gods [closed]

I have a world with many gods. They don't like each others, so they want to destroy each others. Problem: they are immortal. Solution: they will create another world, with different civilizations (...
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The nature of Computer-Gaming in a Steampunkish world?

My setting is a late Steampunk science-fantasy, the world's technology is beginning to cross into the Dieselpunk era. I have also played around quite a bit with nature of reality and technology in ...
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NPCs discover they are in a video game. Do they let the PCs know? [closed]

Would they make their presence and awareness of the game-situation known, or would they keep their simulated heads down and continue poking undetected, hoping that some automated bug-cleaner doesn't ...
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Why might we still have arcades in the future?

For a near-future / alternate-history setting, I wanted to maintain the importance of some technologies and cultural fixtures that have already declined on our earth. As a first test, let's try one ...
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Male and Female Characteristics in a Role-playing Game [closed]

I've been thinking of making a role-playing game, computer or otherwise. Normally this following issue is circumvented by making male and female characters differ only or mostly cosmetically. However,...
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