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Why is overpopulation not an issue on a floating island where people can live for a long time

In my setting there are large floating islands and much smaller floating islands that flow in random directions. Smaller ones sometimes contain mini ecosystems or ore veins that are extremely useful ...
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Is it possible for a planet to have floating islands caused by the magnetism? [duplicate]

I am working on this planet that has several moons and - possibly - rings. In the planet's earliest era after its inception, it was hit by a large meteor that dislodged huge chunks of earth. I'm ...
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Could extremely tall towers be held up by balloons so that they don't collapse under their own weight?

"Tower" may be a misleading word choice for what I have in mind. My approach to building vertical structures is a bit different, more on that later. There are two main issues that plague ...
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Day/night in Aether

An extremely powerful wizard decided to create a new dimension as a birthday present for his wife, this dimension is composed of flying islands inhabited by fantastic plants and animals. The islands ...
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Could floating trees lead to floating islands?

Trees with their roots and everything basically hold on to a section of land(dirt/stone/whatever) if one thinks about it. A certain species of tree has fibrous roots and a poisonous, flexible, vine-...
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How does one hide a floating island in the sky from anyone below looking up?

So, floating islands are a pretty common trope at least in the media I've consumed, and one thing that sort of stands out - oftentimes, they're meant to be a reveal to a larger world (Either as part ...
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