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Questions tagged [flare-stars]

Questions involving stars that undergo unpredictable dramatic increases in brightness for short periods of time.

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What should the core mass fraction of a habitable planet that orbits very close to a dwarf star be to ensure electromagnetic protection from flares?

After reading this question, I became quite worried about my own habitable world with similar characteristics. Even worse, my star is presumably much younger -- only 8.787 Gyr (out of 50.207 Gyr). ...
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Solar Flare/CME Range Limits

The Setting: A binary solar system comprised of a KV-class Orange Dwarf, and an M-Class Red Dwarf which orbits roughly 600AU away. The Orange Dwarf has 4 planets orbiting around it, including one ...
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Auroras of a planet around an active M7 red dwarf

A planet the size of earth around a pretty active M7 red dwarf (think of M to X level flares almost every day) has a decent magnetic field of 0.5-0.8 Gauss, orbiting at a distance of 0.0443AU, with a ...
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Would a solar flare hitting the earth cause rainfall? [closed]

If you have hydrogen gas, oxygen gas and heat together, it will trigger an (exotermic) reaction that produces water. Earths atmosphere consists of around 21% oxygen. Our sun is made mostly out of ...
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Surviving a dark hycean world

A dark hycean world is supposed to be a hot water world with a thick atmosphere around a red dwarf star. This means it's tidally locked with one side forever facing the sun and the other forever ...
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Best star for a Dyson sphere?

Whether solid or a swarm, a problem that occurs to me long-term in building a dyson structure are damaging flares and magnetic storms from the host star. It seems like the absolute best option would ...
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Where should I place my Earth-like planet within my binary system?

I am working on a RPG setting which requires my planet having a nearby flare star. I understand from reading through other, similar questions and from doing some research, that flare stars are ...
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Is it plausible to have a double-planet between a gas dwarf and an Earth-like planet? if so, can the Gas dwarf protect the planet from solar winds?

In my story, I plan to make a double-planet between a gas dwarf and an Earth-like planet, so is it plausible in a red dwarf or Ultra-cool red dwarf system? and if so, could the gas dwarf protect the ...
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Flare star vs electrical grid

My planet is tidally locked, airless, and has no magnetosphere. It's located close to a flare star (5% solar mass, 11 Gyr old), and is in it's habitable zone. The strongest flare ever detected on ...
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What is the most efficient way of mining energy from a flare star?

Set in the distant future, human is transitioning to a type 3 advanced civilization on a Kardashev scale in about a hundred years or two. We have nearly exhausted the energy from our Sun and several ...
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How should a ship call for help on a sparsely populated planet orbiting a flare star?

Technological level - similar to contemporary. Yes, I mean a watercraft, mostly big cargo carrying ships. I mean only calling for help while being in middle of ocean and not being within line of sight ...
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Effects of Red Dwarf CME (Flare) on Biological Life and Atmosphere

I have a planet circling an M-Class star (M3/M4). I'm trying to figure out what the effects of flaring on the planet's biosphere might be. Background: As some of you may know, M-class stars are ...
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How to design an electrical grid for a flare star planet?

The most popular type of stars are red dwarves, which regrettably tend to be flare stars. Yes, I know that geomagnetic storms and power lines do not like each other. Technology level: More or less ...
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Life in the water/snow line of a protoplanetary accretion disc?

So I was reading this article recently, titled Stellar Outburst Brings Water Snow Line into View: In short it's about a protoplanetary accretion disc around a ...
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Is It Possible to Establish a Human Colony in a Flare Star System?

I am thinking about using Groombridge 1618 as a setting for my world. It is a main sequence star of spectral type K7.5 Ve, 67% of the Sun's mass. The habitable zone is at a radius of 0.26–0.56 AU. ...
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