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Practicallity Check of Floating Fish Enclosure

Introduction I would like to start off by saying these are normal fish. The fish are just fish. The fish are not genetically engineered with the exception of say a GloTetra. The fish can be fresh or ...
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Would Fishmen Wear Corsets? [closed]

Corsets are a useful piece of clothing. They have a variety of uses, including shaping the body This functionality can clearly work in mammals and other cases where the spine is in the back, however I ...
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Which limbs should be retained or lost to turn this land animal into a swimmer? [closed]

The form of large swimming animals is fairly consistent across distantly related groups. As example, all aquatic mammals, save the quadrupedal semiaquatic forms, have adapted for a fish-like shape ...
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How long could a levitating fish stay out of the water?

The sky-trout is a magic fish which can levitate and swim in the air. While this protects its gills from collapse, it doesn't help with dehydration The fish is a type of trout around 2-3 feet long, ...
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